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Hello everyone and welcome to the live coverage of the Liverpool V Arsenal First Division decider. My name is Sophie Munro and I’ll be updating you on all the action in today’s exciting game.

0′ And we are underway after kick-off here at Anfield was delayed by ten minutes.

2′ An early chance for Liverpool but it was quickly cleared away by Arsenal keeper John Lukic.

5′ Another chance for Liverpool Lukic comes in clutch yet again. Liverpool set the tempo in the early stages of this game but Arsenal are not backing down.

8′ Arsenal challenge Liverpool Goalkeeper Bruce Gribbelaar with a shot but the Gunners remain goalless. Both sides remain competitive in the early stages of the game, Arsenal need to win by two goals.

11′ Alan Smith’s mistimed kick allows Liverpool to run away with it but Lukic comes to the rescue again. This crucial game remains goalless.

14′ Since January Arsenal have only won ten games, can they pull off this much-needed win or will the pressure mount up against them? The last time Liverpool lost by two goals at Anfield was to their rivals, Everton in 1986.

17′ Arsenal have been awarded a free kick? Can Arsenal find the breakthrough they so desperately need? Nigel Winterburn gets behind the defence but his cross is safely delivered to Grobbelaar’s hands.

20′ The game has been very stop-and-start. Both sides have been awarded many free kicks and Arsenal have received a couple of set pieces that they’re yet to capitalise on.

22′ Lee Dixon headers the ball behind the line for a corner. Liverpool are looking dangerous in Arsenal’s half.

23′ Ian Rush has a brilliant strike but the ball slots itself into the hands of Lukic.

25′ Potential injury concern for Liverpool. After his powerful attempt, Ian Rush seems to be struggling on the field. Peter Beardsley is currently warming up on the sidelines. Perhaps this early change will come at an advantage for Arsenal.

28′ Foul on Steve McMahon sees Liverpool get a free kick however they fail to capitalise on their opportunity.

31′ Arsenal have been awarded a free kick, Nigel Winterburn to take but the Liverpool defence put the ball behind the goal.

32′ Ian Rush has his game come to an early end after a groin strain injury as he’s substituted off for Peter Beardsley.

35′ Kevin Richardson has a shot but it goes wide. There are still no goals between the two sides.

38′ Ronnie Whelan has a fantastic shot against Arsenal but the Gunners hero Lukic tips the ball over the back of the goal. Liverpool have a corner.

39′ Richardson defends the ball well for Arsenal meaning Liverpool still has yet to score. With only a few mere minutes until halftime, both teams remain goalless.

45′ Half-time is upon us. Liverpool and Arsenal remain goalless. Arsenal need two goals to win. One goal or a draw won’t cut it for the Gunners.

46′ Liverpool look to John Barnes to ramp up the tempo. The home side came out fighting and this looks to be a hard 45 minutes for Arsenal.

48′ Paul Merson has a chance but again the Gunners remain goalless. Perhaps with more time the Englishman could have slotted that chance past Grobbelaar.

52′ GOAL! Alan Smith sends the ball into the Liverpool net after a beautiful ball in from Winterburn sending the Gunners 1-0 up after a short talk with the linesmen after Liverpool believed there was an infringement in the penalty area.

55′ Arsenal’s goal has given The Gunners confidence. They have been testing the Liverpool defence, clearly not backing down from this challenge which is far from over.

59′ Liverpool have also not backed down, one goal from them would ruin The Gunner’s hope they now possess.

63′ Arsenal are looking the stronger side. Liverpool keep making mistakes leading to Arsenal’s chances. If Arsenal can capitalise on this they may be able to get the second goal they so desperately need.

68′ David Rocastle has made some fantastic runs and Winterburn has created some fantastic chances with his crosses. He’s giving Arsenal the hope they need.

72′ Michael Thomas was completely unmarked in the Liverpool penalty area and nearly put the game to bed for Arsenal.

73′ Martin Hayes has now come on for Paul Merson.

74′ The first yellow card of the night is given to Kevin Richardson, are Arsenal beginning to show signs of nervousness?

79′ Liverpool call for a penalty but are given a free kick after a challenge just outside of the penalty box. Arsenal defended well, keeping their 1-0 lead.

83′ A massive chance for Liverpool but is put behind the goal. Arsenal look a little nervous out there but are holding on.

90′ GOAL! Michael Thomas is the hero for the Gunners! He puts Arsenal 2-0 up!

91′ The referee blows his whistle which means the North London side are The Champions! Liverpool who looked so confident in parts lost the title in the last seconds of the game.

Thank you for joining me today in what will go down as one of the most historic games in history!

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