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The two most talked about topics this week are the reasons behind Chelsea’s downfall and the UK government’s go-ahead for North Sea Rosebank field. We spoke to people around Brighton’s city centre area and here is what they had to say:

Ameesh, 24, said that he regularly watches Premier League matches. He further stated that the reason behind the English club’s downfall is Nicolas Jackson’s health. The Blues fan also said that the club’s coach, Mauricio Pochettino, is good but unfortunately he failed to help Jackson in this regard.

Tinashe, 30, said that the english club bought “too many players”, adding that the team’s coach is good but criticized his training tactics. He also said that Pochettino “overloads” the players and does double sessions instead of one which eventually lead to the players getting injured.

We then spoke to 28-year-old Raheem and asked him about his opinion on the government’s greenlight for the North Sea oil and gas. He said that the latest decision is “tricky”, adding that he doesn’t trust the government as it has made several “bad decisions”.

Leonaedo Mello, 30, said, “we must look towards the future as the climate is changing, we must explore new avenues”. He added that renewable energy options must be explored.

Osama Rana, 34, said that in his opinion the government is taking inappropriate steps which he fails to understand. On one side they are going to ban petrol and diesel vehicles to protect the environment and on the other side they are allowing such things. “I am against anything that is harmful for the environment,” he added.

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