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Coded Bias: Review (AMPLIFY! Film Festival)

Are we being watched? Who’s watching us? Who’s watching those who watch us? Overtime contributor Sophie C reviews Shalini Kantayya’s brand new documentary about the power of algorithms, and how those with the power to create them have been embedding unseen inequalities since the inception of AI development.

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Body of Truth: Review (AMPLIFY! Film Festival)

Made interesting by the four artists this film connects, Evelyn Schels’ documentary showcases the power of performance and bodily presence in contemporary art. Overtime contributor Sophie C reviews another cinematic special streamed as part of 2020’s AMPLIFY! online film festival.

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Why Train to Busan is the perfect zombie movie to watch over and over again

Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of comfort from our old film favourites on a cold autumn night. And that is exactly what Overtime contributor Rebecca Cremona gets from re-watching her pick, Train to Busan, time and again – as unexpected as it may be.

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Lockdown Streamtown: things you might have missed this autumn on Netflix and Amazon Prime

To see us through the first week of the UK’s second lockdown, Overtime contributor Sophie C gives us a few streaming gems to see us through a sleepy evening or two.

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