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Today is the 2nd day of the the 2nd test between Sri Lanka and England. Sri Lanka are currently 229-4 with Mathews on 107 not out. The game is currently in the balance and England with be hunting for early wickets today to restrict Sri Lanka getting a high total.

Yesterday Anderson bowled really well and has kept England in this game.
Mathews came in when Sri Lanka was on 7-2 and batted brilliantly.

Both sides are coming out now.

Sam Curran is going to bowl the first ball of the game.

88th over: Mathews was able to score the first runs of the day as he was able to score three runs after hitting Sam Curran to long off which was stopped very well from Dom Bess. These were the only runs scored in the first over today. Mathews 110 runs, Dickwella 19 runs. 232-4

Jimmy Anderson is going to bowl from the other. Anderson is hoping to continue his good form yesterday after getting three wickets.

REVIEW FROM ENGLAND: Joe Root has sent a decision to the third umpire for LBW. It looks like it hit the pad outside off stump. Luckily for England the ball hit the bat and went through to Jos Buttler and he caught it. Their is a bit of confusion as the ball clearly hit the bat.

WICKET FOR ENGLAND: Anderson dismisses the centurion early as Angelo Mathews is out after a brilliant 110. Anderson was able to get the ball to nip back in and find the inside edge. England were desperate for an early wicket. Mathews 110 bowled Anderson, Caught Buttler.

89th over: Anderson continuing his good form yesterday getting a wicket maiden in his first over. Brilliant ball to get rid of Mathews and now England now have an opportunity to get Sri Lanka out for a good total. Dickwella 19 runs. 232-5

Ramesh Mendis is coming in to bat for the first time on his debut.

90th over: Dickwella scored the first boundary of the day cutting the ball through deep backward point off the last ball in the over. Curran is yet to get a wicket in the game. Dickwella 25 runs, Mendis 0. 238-5.

91st over: Anderson gets another maiden which makes it 12 in 21 overs which shows his class. Mendis was unable to score a run with his first six balls in Test cricket. Dickwella 25, Mendis 0. 238-5.

Mark Wood is now in the attack for England adding extra pace replacing Curran.

WICKET FOR ENGLAND: Wood bowled the ball down the leg side and Mendis feathered the ball and Buttler has done brilliantly to get down and catch it. Mendis unable to score on his first innings in Test cricket and Wood gets his second wicket of the innings. Mendis 0 bowled Wood, caught Buttler.

92nd over: Brilliant from Wood in his first over getting the wicket off Mendis after his hard work yesterday. Dickwella looked good earlier in the over getting a boundary but he’s lost another partner. Dickwella 30. 243-6.

Dilruwan Perera is now in for Sri Lanka

93rd over: Another good over from Anderson only going for one run which was scored from Dickwella. Perera is yet to score for his side. Dickwella 31, Perera 0. 244-6.

94th over: Dickwella is looking good this morning and needs to score big for his side in this innings due to the early wickets of Mathews and Mendis. Dickwella is the second-highest run-scorer in Test cricket without a test century, he is behind Shane Warne. He is looking good so fair today getting another boundary off Wood in the over. Dickwella 36, Perera. 249-6.

95th over: Dickwella was able to get another boundary as he was able to drive the ball through deep mid wicket. The batsman is now in his 40s and is looking strong this morning. Dickwella 40, Perera 0, 253-6

96th over: Maiden from Wood as he was challenging Perera with bouncers as he is still yet to score. Dickwella 40, Perera 0, 254-6.

Root is introducing spin into todays play with Dom Bess replacing Anderson.

97th over: Decent first over from the young spin only going for three runs challenging Dickwella getting him defending in with the last ball in the over. Perera to get his first run in the over. Dickwella 42, Perera 1. 256-6

98th: Dickwella is getting closer to a half-century as he was able to score seven runs in the over which includes a boundary where he punished Mark Wood for bowling too straight and he was able to flick the ball down the leg side for four. Dickwella 49, Perera 1. 264-6

HALF CENTURY FOR DICKWELLA. Good half-century for Dickwella who batted well yesterday in seeing out play yesterday and being aggressive today has helped him score fairly quickly. 50 runs in 95 balls.

99th over: Bess has been inconsistent so far in where he is pitching the ball bowling a full toss to Dickwella for his half century. Dickwella 50, Perera 2. 266-6.

Leach is now in the bowling attack replacing Wood.

100th over: Perera was able to get a boundary off Leach’s first ball as he ran down the ground and hit the ball over the ball lofting the ball over mid off to the long on boundary. England’s spinner didn’t get a wicket yesterday will need to get one today. Dickwella 50, Perera 9. 273-6.

England former spinner says the current spinners need a chance.

101st over: Bess improved in the over as he was more consistent in the way he bowled in that over. Dickwela 50, Perera 10. 274-6.

102nd over: Maiden from Leach and showed control in his bowling. Good recovery from the spinner after getting hit for a boundary with the first ball in the previous over. Dickwella 50, Perera 10. 274-6.

103rd over: Dickwella was able to get a boundary off the bowling of Bess with a beautiful sweep through square leg. Dickwella 55, Perera 11. 280-6.

104th over: Perera seems to attack Jack Leach when he is bowling as he run down the ground and got another boundary as he smacked Leach down the ground. Dickwella 56, Perera 16. 268-6.

105th over: First mistake from Dickwella trying to sweep Bess again but he top edge out but lucky for the batsman the ball hit the flour before Leach had a chance to catch it. Dickwella 59, Perera 16. 289-6

106th over: Another mis hit from Sri Lanka this time from Perera off Leach and again fell to the floor just before the England fielder could catch it. The England spinners are in the game if the Sri Lanka batsmen keep attacking them and make mistakes. Dickwella 60, Perera 18. 292-8

107th over: Dickwella yet again hitting Bess for a boundary by sweeping the ball this time through the deep extra cover boundary. Dickwella and Perera got their 50 partnership in the over. Dickwella 65, Perera 19. 298-6.

108th: Sri Lanka reached 300 in that over with Dickwella and Perea both scoring singles. Dickwella 66, Perera 19. 300-6.

Curran is now back in the bowling attack replacing Bess

109th: Curran still looking for a wicket in this game. Not sure he has enough pace to cause problems for the Sri Lanka batsman on a flat pitch like this. Dickwella 67, Perera 20.

110th over: Another over from Leach where the Sri Lanka batsman didn’t score many runs however the batsman didn’t look like they was in trouble at all during when he is bowling. Dickwella 68, Perera 20. 302-6.

111th over: Curran bowled well in the over challenging the Sri Lanka batsman wasn’t able to get a reward. Dickwella edged the ball three times during the over but he was able to survive the over and score eight runs in the over. Dickwella 76, Perera 20. 310-6.

112th over: Leach doesn’t seem to be causing any problems for the Sri Lanka. Dickwella 77, Perera 21. 312-6.

113th over: In the final over of the session Curran was able to get an Maiden. Dickwella 77, Perea 21. 312-6.

It was a good session from Dickwella causing the England bowlers problems and will be eyeing up his first ever test century. Anderson again bowled brilliantly getting the wicket of the centurion Mathews. Wood was good as well getting the wicket of the debutant Mendis. Dickwella and Mendis done well since then having a 50 plus partnership. Sri Lanka knows this is likely going to be their last big partnership till the tail is batting.

Both sides are back out ready to start the second session.

Leach is going to bowl the first over of the session.

114th over: Good opening over from Leach only going for a single with the first ball of the over. Dickwella 79, Perera 21. 314-6

Anderson is going to bowl opposite Leach as he replaces Curran.

115th over: Dickwella now in the 80s after getting a boundary off the first ball in the over and is getting closer to his first ever century in test cricket. He has now achieved a career best for Sri Lanka. Dickwella 84, Perera 21. 319-6

REVIEW FOR ENGLAND: England review a decision for LBW looks like the ball is going down leg side.

Poor review from England as the ball pitches outside leg stump and they lose their review.

116th over: Leach hasn’t ball well since lunch as he is getting his length right as he is bowling a lot of drag downs. Dickwella 86, Perera 22. 322-6.

117th over: Another good over from Anderson only going for one run. He has bowled brilliantly all game. Dickwella 87, Perera 22. 323-6

118th over: Good over from Leach from which also had an appeal from England for caught behind. Dickwella 88, Perera 22. 324-6

119th over: Dickwella is now in the 90s and is getting close to getting a hundred. He will be getting nervous now. Dickwella 91, Perera 22. 327-6.

120th over: Brilliant back cut in the over from Perera and he is looking comfortable out in the middle at the moment. Dickwella 92, Perera 26, 332-6.

WICKET FOR ENGLAND: Dickwella falls just before a century as he is out caught after a brilliant catch from Jack Leach at mid off from the bowling of Jimmy Anderson and he picks up his five wicket haul. Dickwella out for 92 bowled Anderson, caught Leach.

Suranga Lakmal is now in for Sri Lanka

WICKET FOR ENGLAND: Lakmal is out for a duck with Anderson picking up his sixth wicket thanks to a solid catch from Crawley. Lakmal 0 bowled Anderson caught Crawley.

121st over: Brilliant over from Anderson getting his second double wicket maiden in this innings. Perera 26. 333-8

Lasith Embuldeniya is in for Sri Lanka.

122nd over: Perera hit the first six of the innings running down the ground and hitting the ball over long off. Leach has now given away 100 runs in the innings without a wicket. Perera 33, Embuldeniya 0. 339-8.

123rd over: Anderson almost got the wicket of Embuldeniya as he played and missed the ball. Perera 34, Embuldeniya 0. 340-8

124th over: Good sweep from Perera to the square leg boundary against Leach who isn’t playing well today. Perera 39, Embuldeniya 0. 345-8

125th over: Embuldeniya again played and misses the ball and is looking shaky. Anderson tries to get a run out in the over which cost him his maiden.

126th over: Maiden over from Leach in the final over before the drinks break. Now England will have six balls at Embuldeniya. Perera 40, Embuldeniya 0. 346-8.

Mark Wood is now back in the bowling for England.

127th over: Good over from Wood as he was able to get a maiden. Embuldeniya will be happy to have survived and to still be in the game. Perera 40, Embuldeniya 0. 346-8.

128th over: Embuldeniya got his first runs in the innings with a brilliant slog sweep that went over the deep mid wicket boundary for six. Perera 41, Embuldeniya 6. 353-8.

129th over: Another over from Wood where he hit Embuldeniya with the last ball. Perera is getting close to a half century. Perera 44, Embuldeniya 6. 356-8.

130th over: Leach hasn’t been able challenge the Sri Lanka batsman enough in this game so fair. Perera 46, Embuldeniya 7. 359-8.

HALF CENTURY FOR PERERA: Good shot from Perera flicking the ball of his pads to the backward square leg to help reach 50 runs.

131st over: The only runs in the over was from Perera which helped bring up his half century. Wood is looking dangerous though was his pace. Perera 50, Embuldeniya 7. 363-8

Bess is now replacing Leach in the England bowling attack.

132nd over: Good first from Bess as he was able to get a Maiden. Perera 50, Embuldeniya 7. 363-8.

WICKET FOR ENGLAND: Wood gets an another deserving wicket. Embuldeniya threw his bat at the ball and edged it where Root caught it at first slip. Embuldeniya out for 7 bowled Wood, Caught Root.

133rd over: Another good over from Wood who was able to get another wicket in the over and only went for one run. Perera 51. 364-9.

Fernando is now the last person in for Sri Lanka.

DROPPED CATCH: Very sharp chance for Bess has Perera hit the ball straight back towards the bowler where he was unable to react quick enough to catch the ball.

134th over: Good over from Bess almost getting Perera out and finishing his sides first innings. England looking for a final wicket to wrap up the first innings. Perera 52, Fernando 0. 365-9.

135th over: Good recovery shown from Wood getting hit for a boundary by Perera with the first ball in the over. Wood was able to stop Perera getting a single and stay on strike. Perera 56, Fernando 0. 369-9

Curran is now on replacing Bess for England.

136th over: Fernando performed well in the over defending every delivery in the over to making sure Perera will be back on strike in the next over. Perera 56, Fernando 0. 369-9

137th over: Perera was able to get a boundary adjusting his bat from a yorker from Wood. He was also able to get a single with the last ball in the over and maintain strike. Perera 61, Fernando 0. 375-9.

138th over: Perera was able to get a single so he can maintain the strike. Fernando was also able to defend the final few balls in the over and help frustrate England. Perera 62, Fernando 0. 376-9.

139th over: Perera was able to get a single with the last ball in the over. Root missed an opportunity to get six balls at Fernando by squeezing up the field. However the England captain didn’t choose to do it. Perera 63, Fernando. 337-9.

WICKET FOR ENGLAND: Curran is able to get the final wicket for his side as Perera pulled the ball to Leach at deep square leg. Perera has done well for his side by batting with the tail. Perera out for 67 bowled Curran, caught Leach.

Sri Lanka will be happy with the amount of runs that they scored in the first innings. Mathews was the star of the first inning with a century. Dinesh Chandimal, Dickwella and Perera supported their side with half-centuries. Anderson bowled brilliantly for his side picking up six wickets with Wood supporting him brilliantly. England’s spinners will be disappointed with how they performed as neither of them getting a wicket.

The England openers are coming out the bat with Lakmal opening the bowling.

1st over: Maiden over for Sri Lanka as Lakmal challenge Zak Crawley’s defence on a couple of occasions in the over. Crawley 0. 0-0.

Embuldeniya is going to bowl for the other end.

2nd over: Second maiden in a row for Sri Lanka with Embuldeniya bowling at the stumps but Dom Sibley does well. Crawley 0, Sibley 0. 0-0.

3rd over: England still yet to score as Sri Lanka is able to get three maidens in a row. Crawley 0, Sibley 0. 0-0.

4th over: Another maiden for Sri Lanka. The England batsman might feel like they need to score soon. Crawley 0, Sibley 0. 0-0

5th over: England scores their first runs off the innings with the last ball in the over as Crawley pulls the ball to the deep mid wicket. Crawley 4, Sibley 0. 4-0.

WICKET FOR Sri Lanka: Sibley is given out for LBW and he has reviewed the decision. The batsman went deep into his crease and missed the ball and hit the stumps.

The decision remains as the umpire made the right decision and England have lost a review. Sibley out for 0 lbw Embuldeniya.

Johnny Bairstow is in early for his side. He done well last time for his side in the last game.

6th over: Brilliant over from Embuldeniya who got the wicket of Sibley and almost got he wicket of Bairstow who edged the final delivery of the over but the ball just fell short off gully. Crawley 4, Bairstow 0. 4-1.

7th over: Crawley pulled another shot but this time there was a fielder the leg side. Crawley 5, Bairstow 0. 5-1.

WICKET FOR SRI LANKA. Embuldeniya got the wicket of Crawley as he edges the ball and it caught by Thirimanne at first slip. Crawley out for five runs bowled Embuldeniya caught Thirimanne.

Joe Root is now in for England hoping to continue his good form after getting a double hundred in the last game.

8th over: Embuldeniya is causing problem for England having already got two wickets for his side. Root 2, Bairstow 1. 8-2.

9th over: Root and Bairstow are looking to recover England’s innings like they did in the previous game. Root 3, Bairstow 5. 13-2. England trail by 369

10th over: Root gets his first boundary playing the sweep shot through mid wicket. First boundary off Embuldeniya bowling. Root 8, Bairstow 5. 18-2. England trail by 364

Fernando is now in the bowling attack for Sri Lanka.

11th over: Good first over for Fernando getting a maiden. Root 8, Bairstow 5. 18-2. England trail by 364

12th over: Bairstow got a single with a leading edge which was close to being a caught and bowled. Embuldeniya is looking dangerous with two wickets already. Root 10, Bairstow 6. 21-2. England trail by 361.

13th over: Bairstow got a lovely boundary who sat on the back foot who hit the ball through deep backward point. Root 10, Bairstow 10. 25-2. England trail by 357.

14th over: Root is looking to play positive and is performing the sweep shot when he can. Root 12, Bairstow. 28-2. England trail by 353.

15th over: Root feathered the ball down the leg side like Mendis did earlier in the day but Dickwella wasn’t able to get down to it and it went for four. Root 19, Bairstow 11. 35-2. England trial by 347.

16th over: Root and Bairstow have been able to rotate the strike well so far today since they have came in for their side. Root 20, Bairstow 12. 37-2. England trial by 345.

Dilruwan Perera is now about to ball as Sri Lanka will have spin bowlers at both ends.

17th over: Perera bowled very well in his first over challenging Bairstow. Perera was able to get a maiden in the first over. Root 20, Bairstow 12. 37-2. England trial by 345.

Mendis is about to bowl his ball in test cricket.

18th over: Root is looking good at the moment with another sweep shot that goes for a boundary this time through deep square leg. Root 25, Bairstow 13. 43-2. England trail by 339.

19th over: This time Bairstow performed the sweep shot with got a boundary through deep square leg. Perera bowled well the over despite going for a boundary. 47-3. England trail by 335.

50 PARTNERSHIP FOR ENGLAND. Joe Root and Johnny Bairstow have reach their 50 partnership in 74 balls.

20th over: Good over from Joe Root scoring 13 runs in the over with three boundaries. Root 38, Bairstow 17. 60-2. England trail by 322.
Pietersen’s advice to Crawley and Sibley who have got out to spin three times each this series.

REVIEW FOR SRI LANKA: Joe Root didn’t play a shot and it hit the pad and Sri Lanka are seeing if they can rid of the England captain.

Sri Lanka lose their review as the ball was missing the stumps.

21st over: Root and Bairstow are consistently performing sweep shot to get runs for their side and they are rotating the strike very well. 63-2. England trail by 318 runs

Fernando is back on for his side.

22nd over: Maiden for Fernando’s first over back on which is what his side needed as it will slow down the run rate. Root 40, Bairstow 18. 63-2. England trail by 318 runs.

23rd over: Bairstow was able to run down the ground first ball in the over and smacked the ball down the ground to get a boundary. Root 40, Bairstow 22. 69-2. England trail by 312.

Sri Lanka’s review wasn’t a very good one.

24th over: Fernando has bowled well today not giving away any easy runs. Root getting close to 50 runs. Root 41, Bairstow 22. 70-2. England trail by 309 runs.

25th over: Root continuing to play the sweep shot against the Sri Lanka spinners. He is one shot away from a half century. Root 48, Bairstow 22. 77-2. England trail by 304

Embuldeniya is back on for Sri Lanka.

HALF CENTURY FOR JOE ROOT. 50 runs for the England captain.

26th over: England able to score a few runs in Embuldeniya comeback over with Root bring up his 50 in the over. Root 51, Bairstow 22. 80-2. England trail by 301 runs.

REVIEW FOR SRI LANKA: The home side are reviewing the umpires decision for not giving Bairstow out for LBW.

The decision was umpires call so Bairstow is still in but Sri Lanka doesn’t lose their review.

27th over: England was able to rotate the strike well during the over and keep the run rate up by scoring singles. Root 53, Bairstow 23. 83-2. England trail by 298.

28th Joe Root played brilliantly against Embuldeniya scoring 14 runs in the over. Root is doing very well in manipulating the field today with his shots. Root 67, Bairstow 23. 97-2. England trail by 284.

29th over: Perera has been the most dangerous bowler in the last few overs for his side only going for one run in the last over. Root 67, Bairstow 24. 98-2. England trail by 283.

30th over: Maiden over to finish the days play. Root 67, Bairstow 24. 98-2. England trail by 283.

Good day of test cricket with Root batting well for his side as he is on 67 not out. Bairstow partnered him well since England lost both their openers early in the innings. Embuldeniya was able to get both the openers out again for third time in a row. The game is in the balance and two both sides start tomorrow will be huge for how the game will finish.

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