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The short film highlights small businesses in the Brighton area, it addresses the issues of how these small businesses are being affected due to financial constraint. These businesses are the backbone of the community and if such initiatives are not supported or encouraged by the government then these initiatives would start disappearing leaving the communities bare.

The government should provide small business support funds which would enable these places to make more than just staying afloat. The government should collaborate with the city councils and reach out to these small businesses as half of them have already given up and shut their thriving ventures.

Especially in December during Christmas and New Year people spend due to which January takes on the toll and the sales are down for these businesses. Without the support of the government small businesses are not able to stabilize themselves and ultimately staff wages become a burden as a result of staff layoffs which affects the business working hours.

There is still more that needs to be done whereas, the government is concerned. They need to create platforms where the voices of these business owners need to be heard and solutions need to be devised to support them and not let them close their shutters.

Even though new plans have been initiated where the government has started giving loans to new ventures, this needs to be expedited and the reach needs to be wider than just a handful who actually reached out.

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