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Words: Harrison Kirby

SINKA’s second EP starts with a bang. A sizzling guitar riff that slaps into a full-blown rock out, full of pulsating drums and a driving bassline. Immediately, the sense of hunger, of driving passion and youthful exuberance is immediately obvious. Lead singer Shaun is as confident as an older musician, his voice is searingly intense and stands out against the mix.

As for the rest of the EP, SINKA come hungry and completely ready to sink their teeth into whatever takes their fancy. There is nothing that is over the top, or particularly grandiose; the band spend more time creating fun little riffs than focussing on deep lyrics. Fun, Fun is perhaps the best example of this, starting with a conversation between the band about how a song goes before a roaring riff flies in, reminiscent of early Paramore.

There are slower tracks, the whirring “Headspin” features a chorus that sees a slower paced drum rhythm and kaleidoscopic guitars all blending into one huge chorus.

By the end, it’s a fantastic EP. Lead singer Shaun shines through as an underrated talent, whilst the tracks make for a great and exciting listen.

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