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by James Bishop

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The top six clubs should be punished for attempting to leave behind the history of English football.

Greed is a word that has been related with the owners of these clubs in recent days and it is a word that I believe reflects them very well.

To use points deductions would not only be a punishment to the clubs but a punishment to the fans as well. This is why financial punishments would be more suitable.

The fans themselves, in recent days, have been through enough and to punish them further would be unnecessary.

This is why the club’s owners should be targeted directly, a financial punishment aimed at those who did not think about the club’s history and only about their own financial gain.

These football clubs were created on a following from fans and these owners must realise that they will never be more important to football than those that support it.  

By Jordane Gregoire


In the past 72 hours many questions were answered about who are the heart and soul of football, the fans played a massive role in the collapse of European Super League.

I’m sure those meetings between owners of the European Super League clubs did not have one consideration or concern towards the fans and this disaster has made a huge void that will take long to fill.

With that being said punishments is necessary, consequently that similar ideas like this will be well thought out and approachable to the important people of football, the fans never the owners.

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