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Tonight we see Serbia play host to Scotland in the Euro playoff final, a game in which the winner will earn themselves a place at next summers European championships. Scotland will be hoping to earn themselves a place at another big competition and go into this game in good form, while Serbia have definitely taken the title of the underdogs. Should have the makings of a quality affair with both teams surely throwing all they have into this game. Can Andy Robertson’s men channel what former Scottish teams before them have done and show off a rebirth of Scottish football.

Team news:

Live Blog-

Both national anthems ring out into the empty stadium but both teams belt them out with pure passion making a clear impression of how much this means to both nations.

1- Kick off, Scotland get us underway here, playing from right to left, wearing their traditional Scottish blue strip. The wet weather will surely impact this game, which is full of attacking talent.

History or heartbreak for Scotland ?

4- Scotland have again gone with a back three, which see Manchester United’s Scott McTominay take a position on the right side of the three, this formation will boost the attacking prowess of the Scottish wing-backs.

7- Scotland have enjoyed the main part of possession here, they’ve been very positive with the ball trying to break through this Serbian defence in these early moments. Serbia look nervous here, hopefully they aren’t letting the occasion get to them.

10- Another long ball from the Scottish backline makes it’s way to John McGinn before a loose arm from Nikola Milenkovic brings him down, and earns the Serbian centre-back the first yellow of the night. However, the free-kick is wasted by Scotland and the keeper smothers it.

14- Even with Scotland’s mass gain of the games possession they have yet to really test the Serbian defence, but they are moving the ball nicely here trying to display that they will try to control the game throughout. Serbia have not only been nervous but have struggled to get the ball out of their own half.

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18- Robertson has been trying to get forward down this left side as much as possible to provide a different angle of attack for the Scottish front line. As we know of the quality that he can possess when crossing the football. this tactic has in turn opened up the game more though with Serbia starting to break out of their shell.

22- Serbia have enjoyed a good spell of play here, moving the ball really well, however they get a shot off just outside the 18-yard box but its dragged wide by Torino’s Sasa Lukic, promising signs though considering their slow start.

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26- Scrappy few minutes here from both sides where the ball has been pumped back and forth by both of the teams back lines, its been fair to say both keepers have simply stood and looked pretty so far. No real quality from either of the nations front men.

31- The game has taken a definite aerial vibe, constant long balls smashed forward towards the big men hoping for a lucky nick on to get either team in behind their respective defences. Robertson again showing his title winning quality with great distribution and tracking back.

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36- Deep into the first-half and still both teams have struggled to make a clear cut chance, both midfields haven’t of yet been able to find that last pass to release the attackers. The rain continues to pour down here, leaving players slipping and sliding all over the place.

39- The Serbian midfield has put countless balls into the Scottish box but every time a Scottish head is there to clear it away.

42- Serbia seem to have taken a real foothold in this game and now look the more threatening when driving forward. Kieran Tierney has had a few bursts from full-back and does the same again here just can’t find an open teammate to offload the ball to. Scotland now receive their first yellow of the night in the form of Declan Gallagher.

45- Serbia waste a free-kick in a real area of danger, in which Duscan Tadic struggled to find the heads of his compatriots and that see’s the end of the half which has been plagued by so many started attacks that lacked again and again the quality to put either side ahead. Scotland will definitely take a level playing field going into this second half. After a good start to the half their intensity fell off as the half aged but we’ll wait and see what they have under their sleeves for a seemingly strong Serbian defence.

Second Half:

46- The two teams have switched sides here, and now it’s Serbia kicking us off playing from right to left, Scotland will be hoping to keep up their decent start to this game and in turn nick a goal on the counter which has been so effective for them in recent games.

49- McGinn is hacked down there by Nemanja Gudelj, horrible tackle on the back of the Scotsman’s leg, put him in clear pain there and warrants the yellow card by the referee for the Serbian defender. Robertson has smashed the ball well wide of the Serbian goal that was a real opportunity to take the lead he just couldn’t put it away.

52- Goallllllllllll!!!!!! Ryan Christie wiggles his way through the Serbian defence and almost passes the ball past the Serbian keepers left. What a historic goal this could be for the Scots, but can they hold on or even double their lead?

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56- Great defending in this second half so far from the Scots. They are really bossing the midfield, squeezing the Serbian mid line. Since going 1-0 down Serbia have lost their formation here looking slightly at sea. It’ll be interesting to see how long Scotland can keep this press up for.

59- First sub of the evening for Serbia, trying to add some fresh legs into their search for an equaliser. Tadic has placed so many balls into the box this evening however none of these attempts have had any real quality behind them.

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62-Lyndon Dykes has played a great part in this Scottish performance so far don’t think there’s been a ball that he hasn’t won in the air tonight. He really has bullied these Serbian defenders.

66- Scotland have not let up here, they keep going and going at the Serbia players, the front three have real clicked and showed off real quality, especially to provide the goal. Whereas Serbia are still struggling to string even a few passes together.

69- These Scottish players look like men on a mission to make its nation’s hopes come true, I’ll have to bit my tongue here, as Savic nearly heads it into the Scottish net, but it pulls past the side netting..

71- However the Scottish chances are still flowing here, Christie has yet another chance to double his teams lead but drags it wide. Christie is battling hard here winning the ball in all areas of the pitch, he’s having the game of his career here. Somehow Serbia are still in this game.

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75- Serbia have finally got hold of the ball here, these Scottish defenders have had the Serbia attackers in their pockets all evening, surprising how dominant Scotland have become since they took the lead.

79- Serbia in the last few minutes have created a few dangerous chances, to their credit they’re not going down without a fight. Fatigue is setting in on some of these Scotland players real stiff movers out their now.

82- Dykes has come off here, he’s had a great game tonight really has worked his socks off every minute he was on the field.

85- Jovic is unlucky there, a bullet header from the Serbian but it flashes past the left hand post, was that the best chance of Serbian getting back into this game, Scotland need to hang on here, really are being put under pressure.

87- Christie is replaced by Callum Paterson, another player who left everything he had on the pitch, and most importantly grabbed the goal in which put Scotland ahead just after the hour.

90- Joviccccccc, what a header, in the dying embers of the game he smashes it into the ground and into the Scottish top corner. 1-1. Real drama here, Mcburnie has come on here as well, let’s get ready for extra time.

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91- Extra time is underway here, heartbreak for Scotland, they’ve got to keep going here though. Scotland have gained a corner here, already pressing like they were before. the ball breaks on the edge of the area but the strikes sails over the bar.

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96- Serbia are still driving forward here, their equaliser has bought up their spirits and they’ve looked a real goal threat since the introduction of Jovic. It’s wave after wave of Serbian attack here, Scotland need to pick themselves up here, otherwise Serbia will pounce.

99- World-class from Marshall there diving to his right tips it past his post what a save! no other way to describe it.

102- Serbia will be scratching their heads here wondering how they aren’t ahead their constant attacks still haven’t be able to grab a goal. Scotland look desperate, where can they find a glimmer of hope from?

105- Throughout this dominate period Serbia still can’t put in a decent cross so many wasted crosses in this game, both teams only have themselves to blame for not taking their chances.

Extra-time Half-time

Scotland look flat, tired, out on their feet you name it, Serbia on the other hand look like a team thats just started. Their press hasn’t stopped since Jovic’s header.

108- The pace of the game really has died here, both teams are playing on fumes, its as if both times are playing for penalties.

110- Cramp is the superstar at the moment, every stoppage is stretching, the atmosphere of the game is tense, nail biting stuff, can Scotland muster one last attack to grab glory from Serbia?

115- Marshall gathers yet another broken down Serbian attack, he’s uses all of his experience here to waste as much time as possible so that his team are able to reset.

117- On comes Leigh Griffiths, can he grab a late winner here?

120- Last minute corner here for Serbia, what quality can be mustered?. and that is full time. Penalties are going to take center stage unbelievable game ups and downs all round.

Penalties: 1-1

Scotland to take first

Griffth’s to take the first one, and he scores putting Scotland 1-0 up .

Tadic steps up , and scores a great penalty down the middle 1-1.

Mcgregor slots away a great finish into the top right. 1-2

Steps up now is Jovic and he puts it away just about. 2-2

McTominay finishes it straight into the bottom corner 2-3

Gudilj steps up and puts it straight into the right corner. 3-3

McBurnie finishes a great penalty , 3-4

Katai now comes to the spot, 4-4

McClean’s turn now, 4-5

Aleksander Mitrovic into the spotlight and Marshall saves it!!!!!!

Scotland win and finally take their place in Euro 2021, very deserved and was an absolute joy to watch, a great game packed to the rafters with drama, 22 years of hurt is over and bring on the glory days for the Scottish national team. Bring on the summer.

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