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An owner of an E-Scooter shop in Hove has said that the current laws about E-Scooters are ridiculous and need to catch up with the times. 

E-Scooters are currently illegal to ride anywhere that is not private land in the UK. Recently, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne branded e-scooters a ‘menace’ during a meeting of the Police and Crime Panel on March 25 at the Council Chamber in Lewes. 

Stewart Montgomery, who owns The Scooter Shop, said: “It’s a case of the law has not caught up and the police have to be seen to be enforcing the law, even if the law is ridiculous and out of date. 

“But to come out and say these are dangerous vehicles, it’s quite a nonsense thing to say, because if they were that dangerous, you wouldn’t be able to rent them in 12 major cities in the UK.” 

Trial schemes to rent E-Scooters in the UK are taking place in 31 regions across the UK with the trials ending in November 2022.  

Once data is collected from these trials the government will then analyse and use it to introduce laws regarding ‘powered transporters’ like E-scooters. 

Montgomery believes that the Government does not know what to do and the solution is simple. He said: “You make a new vehicle class, you need a provisional license to buy it, a yearly MOT and get shops like me to be part of a scheme like a MOT Centre for that class of vehicle.” 

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