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Premier League chief executive Richard Masters has said that he acknowledges that there is an issue in society regarding Black, Asian, and minority ethnics (BAME); however, has closed the door on further political activism in the Premier League.

Speaking at the DCMS select committee, Masters said, “there is an issue about representation in football. There needs to be a greater proportion of people from BAME backgrounds in all parts of our game.” 

The Premier League has received plaudits after announcing a new coaching scheme to increase the number of BAME players transitioning into full-time coaching in the professional game.

On the return of Premier League football, all players sported shirts with “Black Live Matter” on the back for the opening round of fixtures. The FA and the Premier League have backed the players saying they will not receive sanctions for protesting against racial inequality.

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Masters stated that the players were the driving force behind the movement and has welcomed them using their platforms for social good; however, future political activism is still prohibited in the Premier League.

He said, “players wanted to make those two statements [in support of the NHS and Black Lives Matter], and we listened and are happy to support them during this particular period.” 

Political messages in the Premier League have often been a no go as Pep Guardiola learned the hard way in 2018. The FA charged him for “wearing a political message” after donning a yellow ribbon in support of imprisoned Catalan politicians.

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