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Both one and the other are in an emergency of winning the game to have a chance to get through the group stage. Real Madrid has only got one point out of six possible whilst Inter have tied twice.

Real Madrid won their game this weekend against Huesca. After their last two Champions League game, it is a must for Real Madrid to win as the rest of the season will depend on tonights game. It is the chance for the HBA to show the world that they are able to lead the team.

On the other side, Inter were not able to beat Parma. In their last two European games they have struggled to get points and tonight will be no different. Moreover, Lukaku´s injury means they lose their top scorer. Lautaro will be therefore in charge of scoring goals.

Carlos Acosta will join you during the broadcast of the match.



Clement Turpin



Great play from Hazard who delivers a great pass to Marco Asensio who takes a shot but Handanovic saves it and sends it to the corner.

Zidane´s team has started very well, dominating the very five first minutes of the game.


Valverde takes a shot from outside the box which does not go on target. Second chance from los blancos in 7 minutes.


Kroos tries luck from outside the box but goes softly to Handanovic hands.


Great play from Lautaro who escapes from Ramos and gives the ball to Vidal who tries too from outside the box and nearly surprises Courtois.


Long ball from Barella which does not get to its receptor but makes Mendy and Courtois clash and both lie down to get checked.


Magnificent play from Madrid. Lucas Vazquez chips the ball above Inter´s defense which gets to Benzema and heads it back to Hazard who volleys it above the goal.


Benzema opens the scoarboard!!!!! What has Achraf done?

He gets pressed by Mendy and therefore tries passing it back to Handanovic but Benzema gets the ball before the keeper does and dribbles past him to then tap the ball.

Real Madrid takes the lead 25 minutes into the game.

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A solid defence makes Inter not have a good chance.


It is Ramos with the header.

Great corner taken by Kroos which allows Ramos to not even have to move and heads the ball into the net.

The captain extends the scoreboard to 2-0.

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Not even a minute after and Inter gets one back.

Barella back heels the ball and Lautaro smacks the ball from the edge of the box. Impossible for Courtois.

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Vidal fouls Casemiro and referee blows his whistle.

Kroos takes the free kick but Benzema uses D´Ambrosio to jump higher.


Clement Turpin shows the yellow card to Arturo Vidal after a dangerous tackle to Lucas Vazquez.

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There is no stoppage time and Turpin blows his whistle indicating the end of the first half.

First half full of emotions. Real Madrid has had the possesion and most of the chances. In fact, taking the lead and scoring twice before Inter did it a minute after Ramos goal.

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If the game finishes with this score this is where each team would stand on the table.




Ferland Mendy is shown a yellow card after stepping Achraf´s foot.


Inter could have scored. They have had several chances but all of them blocked by Real Madrid players.


And another yellow card for another Inter Milan player. Brozovic receives a yellow card as he stepped Hazard´s ankle.


Possession belongs to Inter, which insists and wants to reach dangerous positions. Madrid with little control and few arrivals.


Ramos against Barella who clash and is the Italian who goes down. It seems a wrist injury but he will go back to the field.


Vinicus and Rodrygo are warming up. Both of them could speed up the game for Real as they are struggling due to Inter´s high press.


Second yellow card for Real Madrid. Valverde slide tackles trying to get the ball but gets Barella in the way.


Hazard gets subbed for Vinicius. Hazard comes from an injury and therefore it is normal he gets subbed.

Asensio who is in the same situation than Hazard gets subbed by Rodrygo.

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Lucas Vazquez shoots from the edge of the box but does not go on target.


Perisic scores the goal. Perisic equalises the game.

Long ball delivered to Lautaro who heads to his teammate Perisic and crosses the ball to the long post inside the box. Beautiful finish from the croatian.

Another game starts now.

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Inter is closer to score than Real Madrid. Confidence is everything in this sport. Mendy has to clear the ball to corner after a cross.

Inter´s press is crazy. The way they pressure is bothering Real Madrid. Conte is winning this battle against Zidane.


What a chance has Perisic missed!

Mendy tries to head the ball to Ramos but ends up on Perisic feet who takes a shot and goes wide.

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Inter is dominating this!

Counter attack from Lautaro who passes to Perisic and once again does not finish on target



Great game from Barella who gets subbed by Gagliardini.

Perisic leaves the game with a goal and enters Alexis Sanchez.

Real Madrid:

Kroos exits the pitch and Luka Modric is the last substitution for Real Madrid.

Modric has been a key player these last games coming from the bench.


Real Madrid takes the lead once again. What a game.

Mendy delivers to Vinicius who runs through the wing and crosses the ball followed by a great touch from Rodrygo which allows him to face the goal and puts it in the right corner.

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Benzema has missed the easisest chance he will ever get.

Vinicius drives the ball through the wing, passes to Lucas Vazquez who then delivers a incredible cross to Benzema who only had to tap the ball inside but still missed.



Casemiro runs over Lautaro near the box and the referee shows Casemiro a yellow card.

Dangerous free kick for Inter.

Alexis takes the free kick but hits the wall.


Vidal who has a yellow card and therefore gets subbed for Nainggolan.

No more substitutions for either teams.


Three minutes added and the game will be finished.

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Young crosses the ball but Achraf is unable to get to the ball.

One minute left.


Last chance of the game for Real Madrid.

Benzeman takes a shot and Handanovic deflects to the corner.



Real Madrid beats Inter Milan and climbs to the third position tied up in points with Shaktar Donestk.

Rodrygo scores the winner goal which is a gigantic relief for Real Madrid as they were struggling to play when Inter scored their second goal.

It has been a pleasure to commentate on this match with all of you.

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