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Kathleen Stock is a philosophy lecturer at Sussex University and a trustee of the LGB alliance. She is also the last in a long line of academics recently voicing their negative views on trans people under the guise of free speech.

On the sixteenth (16th) of October, a group of students and other concerned individuals staged a protest against the university of Sussex’s decision not to terminate the employment of vocal anti trans lecturer Kathleen Stock.

The protest started at noon, as all the protesters gathered along one of the main pathways into the university, just down the hill from the library. They stood there holding homemade placards and chanting:

Stock out”

“Sussex enables transphobes”

Today was also the day of the Sussex University tour for prospective students. I spoke to one father of a prospective student on the tour who did not want to be named or identified, however he stated that “This is exactly what university should be like, enabling, allowing and supporting debate” and that he would “be happy to send my son here as this [the protest] showed that the student body are engaged and active”.

I also spoke to a psychology masters student at the university working as a student ambassador. She also wished not to be named, but echoed the opinions of the protest. She stated that “If I was not working today, I’d definitely be over there [in the protest]”.

After an hour of the protesters lining the path into the main square of the campus, they moved into the square itself. They continued to wave banners and homemade signs while chanting. Some of the protesters also wrote some slogans on the pavement in chalk.

It is estimated that there were 100 people in attendance of the protest.

”Kathleen Stock, If the university will not fire you, we will continue until you quit”

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