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As the cricket season approaches all over the United Kingdom, University of Brighton Panthers’ look to get their season started on a positive note against the Sussex Stingray’s in the Varsity fixture.

Speaking to Abhiram Girgaonkar, the skipper Will Royall said: “They (the preparations) are going well, we are getting better numbers at training now.”

He also said the team is now doing game focussed training in the recent weeks.

Liam Wallman, off spinner, said he was ‘excited about the fixture’. He said: “Last year we didn’t have a Varsity game but it’s great opportunity this year for the team to experience it.”

The men’s cricket team did not get promoted last season but there were great performances within the team nonetheless.

A successful season for Harry Prince, fast bowler, would be to get promoted. He said: “Always our main goal for the season is to get promoted.

“That was definitely our goal last year. Managed to stay in the league, so if we don’t get promoted, (the expectation) is to stay in the league, do well.”

Prince, who is fondly called Princey, continued by saying he was more confident this year of getting promotion as the quality of players this year compared to last year is better.

The trio were in agreement that Royal Holloway was a fixture to look forward, stating they were a ‘good side’. Prince chimed in with Chichester and Canterbury as his personal choices citing his first year experiences.

When asked about the most surprising thing year, Royall said: “The general standard of the training sessions was the most surprising thing this year. Last year we had a few standout players but the quality dropped off with the rest.

“We have some stars to look out for, like Praveen, very very good bowler, I am a good batsman and we have got Jezza (Jeremiah Coffey), so I would say its an all round side this time.”

Upon the topic of captaincy, Royall heaped praise on the previous skipper Alex Renals, calling him ‘a good skipper, does know what he is talking about.’ The skipper said: “I am not trying to copy him exactly, obviously everyone has their own style.

“I would say I am pretty easy going compared to Renals last year, who tends to be a bit hot-headed. I am always open to other peoples opinions. If the bowler wants to change the field set up, I am more that happy to listen.”

The trio were excited to get the season underway with an eye out especially for the Varsity fixture as this will be the first time it will conducted in two years. The fixture date (according to Will Royall) will be 5th of May, and the venue is the Hailsham Cricket Club ground.

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