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Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur agreed to pay a combined fee of £22 million as part of a settlement with the Premier League following the collapse of the European Super League, and they will be hit with individual £25 million fines and a 30-point deduction should they agree to join a breakaway Super League in the future.

But does the punishment fit the crime?

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What should happen next with the deviant Super League clubs you may ask?

Well, I think UEFA needs to live up to their statement that “football is for the fans”, because so far, they have done everything in their power to go against us fans.

UEFA should use their power to make the Super clubs slash their ticket prices, so they are affordable for the working man since this is the working man’s game, introduce schemes that get younger people into the grounds like Stamford Bridge or Old Trafford.

Also, I think the Super League teams need to pump more money into grassroots football so that no child must play on boggy, waterlogged pitches that would cause Mourinho to lose all his hair.

And lastly (but also the least likely to happen), I think the Super League teams should lose their places in next season’s European competitions as this will really hurt them and it will serve them a valid lesson.

Rory Cameron

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I believe that the six Premier League clubs were not punished fairly as they were only fined £25 million with a future punishment of a 30 point deduction if they tried to set up another league in the future, this was the lightest possible punishment the Premier league to a handful of teams owned by billionaires.

How is this going to worry Manchester City’s owner Sheikh Mansour  bin Zayed Al Nahyan (who had a net worth of $22 billion in 2018, according to Forbes) when they spent £65 million on Ruben Dias last season?

Ryan Jacobs

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The punishment is not enough.

The club owners have clearly stated that their main priority is the business aspect of it all and all about making profit.

With them doing this to the loyal fan bases that they have it should follow with a much larger fine as this amount of money is not a problem for them.

A legally-binding declaration to deter future breakaway plans is perfect as this prevents the owners from trying this again and finally start to put people before profits.

Thomas Moore

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