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How can a professional football player cannot get a corner past the first man? Lewis Pettman writes

Manchester United have now gone over an entire year without scoring a corner and after their 1-1 draw with Burnley in which they had 10 corners they have now had 156 corners with no goal.

In the Premier League only 3% of corners are scored every season which is a hugely alarming stat. Every club will have a set-piece specialist who will practice multiple times a week on their corners and yet in the whole league combined only handful of corners taken end up in a goal.

This is something that annoys me as a football fan as all these professional players practice every week and are well paid athletes who should be able to put in good corners on a consistent basis which benefits their team.

Something that really bothers me in the sport is the inconsistency of penalties in motorsport, writes Jessi Cordoba Andrews.

A clear example was the difference of penalties given to Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in two different races.

In Silverstone during the British Grand Prix, Hamilton crashed into Verstappen sending him to the hospital and Hamilton received a 10 second penalty; when another crash happened between these two in Monza for the Italy Grand Prix where Verstappen didn’t have enough space and ended on top of Hamilton and Verstappen got a three place-grid penalty. 

How is it that sending a rival to the hospital gives you a 10 second penalty compared to when both drivers finished out of that race in good physical conditions gives you a 3 place-grid penalty?

I see this as inconsistent because it’s clear that the moments of contact were different and so were the consequences.

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