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A crucial game for both wales and Northern Ireland as both teams on 11 points looking to qualify for next years euros and it was celebrations in Belfast tonight as they put 5 past a struggling Faroe Islands team causing heartbreak for Wales who win 3-0 but couldn’t go through.

  1. We are Underway in Ireland

4 – GOAL and what an awful start for Northern Ireland as Djurhuus shot deflects into the path of Tórolvsdótti and that’s their first goal of the competition

7- GOAL and instant response from a corner as Furness rises high to place a header pass the goalkeeper and we have a game on here

10- After an opening and lively ten minutes Northern Ireland have settled down and are now controlling the game more and it looks like they will for most of the game, While Wales are just about to get underway

14- Faroe Islands are defending well against the attack of Nothern Ireland and they still remain level could there be a miracle for Wales tonight?

21- Big Chance for Northern Ireland as Wilson gets free in the box and her header should be a goal but the contact wasn’t there while in Wales A real possession based game so far and no real chances so far

10- Chance for Wales in the game as Harding as she places a header in the corner but the keeper gets down and makes the save a strong start

26- GOAL and what a finish it is from McGuiness as she is able to cut in and place the bale pass the Faroe Islands Keeper, While We also Have a GOAL in the 14th minute in Wales as Harding has an easy tap in after a cross from down the right she took two attempts but its in the back of the net Wales need to hope for a miracle in Belfast

32- Faroe Islands are needing to score another goal after only ever scoring one in this competition this year but they are trying to create some chances with some possession but it looks comfortable for Northern Ireland, But in Wales it’s been all Wales with most of the ball and also all of the chances as Belarus look all over the place from the start till the 20th minute

23- A half chance for Wales as Ingle who is up for the Puskas award tried to do the same again while hitting a strike to the keeper but its straight at her, Whilst in the 37th minute Nelson goes on a run but a last ditch tackle stops the play it’s all in Northern Irelands hands at the moment

26- SUB for Belarus as Olkhovik comes off for Krasnova I don’t know if its tactical or an injury has occurred but if so the Manager is trying to go more attacking here

40- Furness is heavily involved this first half with her putting a shot over the bar but Faroe Islands are still in it, OFF THE POST in the 30th minute for Wales as Fishlock crosses the ball and Morgan has a free header which hits the post

45- There will be ONE minute of added on time in the first half but so far Northern Ireland look as if they will be going into half time leading

45 + 1 – Half time for Northern Ireland as they lead in Belfast and as it stands they will be going through, But in the wales game in the 34th as there is shot or a cross only she knows as Rowe hits a cross which flies into the net

37 – Chance for Belarus in Newport as it is blazed over the bar but Wales are still staying comfortable in this

42- You can hear the Suspended Belarus Boss barking orders from the stands he doesn’t like the way things are going for Belarus at the moment

45+1 – At Newport the end of the first half and as it stands Wales are not going through but all to play for in the second half, Can Faroe Islands score again or will it be heartbreak for Wales fans

46 – And we are back underway in Belfast

47 – BIG CHANCE for Callahan as she misses a follow up after a good save from the keeper and puts it wide but it should be put to bed could the Faroes cause an upset?

52- More of the same from the side into the second half who have controlled possession and have also pressed when they have lost the ball they are pressing giving Faroe islands no time to breathe

55- GOAL and what a goal as McCaron hits a curled effort from 25 yards out and she deserves that and that’s her second goal for her country and what a strike it is, While we get underway in the second half in Newport and Belarus make another sub at the break

62- A chance in Belfast as Furness comes round the back of a free kick that was whipped in but she misses the ball and goes over the advertise hoardings, meanwhile in Newport its been more of Belarus in the second half with more possesion

52- Risky from the Faroe Islands Keeper as they try to overplay at the back and Fishlock presses well to get the ball back and there is claims for a penalty but nothing given

69- Wales need a Miracle in Belfast as they hold their lead by two goals and could these subs change the faroe islands luck but in Newport Belarus hit the bar from a free kick from 20 yards out Belarus are a danger still

73- Northern Ireland are looking so promising in this game with Furness having a header in the middle easily saved by the keeper.

75- CHANCE in Belfast as Samantha Kelly hits a shot and is tipped over the bar while there is another sub for Nothern Ireland

76- GOAL and that should be it as the sub McGuinness lashes the ball home from 6 yards out and both sisters have scored what a moment and night for Northern Ireland, In Newport it isn’t looking promising for Wales as they are in a scrappy game with Belarus holding the ball a little bit more and as it seems Wales will just fall short

69- This is Wales going out with a fight and they are playing some beautiful football but can’t apply the finish, While in Belfast Northern IReland show everything with attack after attack forcing another save from the keeper

71- PENALTY to Wales after a clumsy challenge at the back as Rowe spins the defender and it is placed in the bottom corner by Fishlock to make them finish the game comfortably.

86- GOAL in Belfast and Furness again rises high from a corner and she squeezes it into the goal helped by a deflection that is now surely game over there and they are going through to the play offs

76- Wales will be disappointed of how they are going out with a superior goal difference but they should take pride in this performance as they continue to dominate the game, while in Belfast they have to wait an extra 4 minutes to celebrate as we are into the 90

78- Morgan has now been subbed off for Walters and its a deserved rest for Morgan as she has had a superb game tonight

80- two shots from the edge of the box in a couple of minutes for Wales as they still try to attack further on

90+4 – That’s it there’s the history for Northern Ireland as they ride out 5-1 winners in the end and they have been deserved winners tonight.

84- Chance for Wales and what a pass from Ingle who sets off Fishlock away and she tries to poke it past the keeper but a good use of her feet stops the attack

87- subs for Wale and three changes are happening as Fishlock, Harding and Rowe make way for Evans, Green and Lawrence while Belarus make three changes as

90+1 – We have four minutes of added time to end the qualification stages for Wales here and they are going to want to keep that clean sheet

90+4- Thats it and its heartbreak for Wales fans tonight as they win 3-0 but in Belfast it wasn’t meant to be as Northern Ireland wrap up a play off place

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