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Fight Countdown:

9:30p.m.-Welcome to this live blog of Chris Eubank vs Nigel Benn for the WBO Middleweight title. This is a highly anticipated bout with things threatening to boil over during the contract signing and press conference, expect a repeat of that energy tonight.

9:30p.m.-Shown below the heated contract signing. The tension is almost unbearable.

9:37p.m.-Both fighters are coming off the back of early round victories. Eubank’s sensational one punch KO to Brazilian Reginaldo dos Santos in the first and Benn defending his WBO middleweight title knocking out American Iran Barkley in the final seconds of the first round via TKO.

9:40p.m.-There has been bad blood between these fighters even since Eubank began calling out Benn before his world championship win against Doug DeWitt back in April 29th of last year. Eubank said after his last fight directly to Nigel Benn’s camp “You know I can take your boy (Nigel Benn) you’re petrified and I know you are. Your boy is mine and it’s done.”

9:45p.m.-Opinions are split in both the boxing and spectator world tonight on who will be victorious. Some opt for Nigel Benn with his promise of high excitement ‘Slug Matches’. He’s a serious puncher and will attempt to ‘Bombard’ Eubank with a continues stream of punches tonight. On the other side of the coin is Eubank. A relatively unknown fighter from Brighton who is as quirky as they come. Skilful footwork and Boxing IQ are his strengths but does he have what it takes to knock out the experienced Benn? One thing that is clear is that there will be a knockdown, I would be willing to bet anything on it.

9:48p.m.- Our Pick-Nigel Benn. He’s the marginal favourite tonight and if he can turn this into a dog fight, we think it will be over fast. Benn has proved that he has the two things you need most in boxing, a chin and a punch. Saying this, Benn must control his anger as Eubank is a dangerous opponent, perhaps his most dangerous to date.

Chris Eubank pictured in the weigh in. He weighed in at 159.5 pounds. Benn only slightly heavier at 160 pounds.

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9:55p.m.- We are ringside. The stage is set, the lights are on and both fighters are about to begin the ring walks.

9:58p.m.-The crowd is electric here and the noise is deafening. Chris Eubank the challenger will be the first to walk.

10:00p.m.- And here he comes. His only additional entrance gear a white gown.

10:02p.m.-He enters to a chorus of boos, always the villain he strides like Darth Vader to the ring. Surrounded by his security stormtroopers. His entrance music cuts out half way through but that doesn’t deter him leaping over the ropes in his trademark style.

10:05p.m.-Now it’s time for The Dark Destroyer, Nigel Benn.

10:06p.m.-He certainly has the more glamourous entrance of the two. Instead of stormtroopers, he’s gone for the second battalion of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. A battalion he used to be apart of.

10:07p.m.-It’s the polar opposite reaction for Benn as he receives cheers. He’s dressed in a black and gold sparking robe fit for a king.

10:10p.m.-Each man stares down the other and Nigel Benn has a pure look of hatred while Eubank remains calm and cold. They touch gloves, or rather Benn bangs his hands down and the bout is underway. Here We Go.

Round 1-

Both men charge straight out of the blocks with Benn marching forward while Eubank takes a side on approach. It’s a frantic start and both men are trading punches with nothing really connecting.

Benn has assumed centre of the ring here, he’s started aggressively but seems controlled with his approach. Not seeking to destroy from the first moment but calculating his every move.

It’s Eubank with the first big shot of the round. He lands a hard right uppercut followed by a one-two left right combination.

“Hands up Chris, Hands up!” bellows Eubank’s corner as Benn unleashes an overhand right followed by a left hook which both nearly connect.

Eubank certainly looks up for the occasion, he’s landing more neat combinations as this round progresses. One minute to go.

A big roar from the crowd as a clinch results in Benn lifting Eubank off his feet, it’s not WWF fellows.

The bell rings and Benn attempts to square up to Eubank but is pushed back into his corner by the ref, a good round but neither man shined. 10-9 Benn. (NB 10-9 CE)


Round 2-

Another busy start to the round from these fighters, they are so quick out of the block in these early rounds. Eubank begins with a harsh lean on Benn in the clinch that earns him an immediate reprimand from the referee.

Much better start from Benn in this round, it seems he found his range at the end of the first and hits Eubank with a sharp right hand stunning him. He follows this up with three left hooks that Eubank narrowly avoids. Benn still commanding the centre of the ring.

Eubank isn’t backing down here. Benn crouches down trying to avoid shots but is hit sharp and hard with an excellent right hand. Both fighters already showing heart here in the early rounds.

Credit where credit’s due. Chris Eubank is silencing the critics tonight. Another heavy shot from Ben straight down the gullet would be enough to knock out any man but Eubank remains on his feet and launches a devastating left hand followed by a straight right sending Benn crashing into the ropes.

Both fighters finish the round by scrapping it out against the ropes trading non-effective blows. Both are saved by the bell. What a round of boxing. You can hardly split them but that round goes to Benn 10-9. (NB 20-18 CE)


Round 3-

It’s a slower start to this round from both fighters. Benn is still the aggressor, but Eubank guards well.

Benn’s jab is starting to become effective. While Eubank is focused on blocking the heavy rights, Benn continues to sneak his jab onto the chin of Eubank. Although not as heavy damaging Eubank cannot allow this to continue.

This rounds starting to heat up. Benn is like a wounded tiger after getting hit. Eubank manages to throw a nice right hand putting Benn into a crouched position. As soon as Eubank comes forward he leaps up with a fast uppercut.

Benn wants this fight in the close quarters. He signals to Eubank with his hands to ‘Come at him’

That was a tough round to call, 10-9 Eubank. (NB 29-28 CE)


Round 4-

Eubank called himself “a craftsmen” in the build up to this fight and you can see why tonight. The way he goes about his boxing isn’t brutal it’s delicate.

It’s almost as if Eubank heard my comments. He lands a beautifully placed overhand right, once again backing Benn up into the ropes. He seems to realise that Benn wants him to aggress after these big punches but he refuses.

This time it’s Eubank shunted against the ropes in this feisty affair. Benn slams a left hook to the right ribcage pushing Eubank back. This fight isn’t one sided at all. Every round so far has been close.

Benn finished off that round very well with some good combinations and a well placed uppercut to the jaw but there is a slight worry with heavy swelling on his left eye. 10-9 to Benn. (NB 39-37 CE)


Round 5-

Benn’s cut man Percy Armstrong can be seen working on his eye just before the start of the fifth. It looks to be almost closed and could very much effect Benn the longer this fight continues.

Eubank has also taken some very heavy shots tonight. If he manages to win this, nobody here tonight can say he did it the easy way.

The swelling on the eye may be starting to take it’s toll on Benn. Eubank is hitting some excellent counterpunches after rolling right hooks from Benn. Benn doesn’t appear that faltered, he continues to march onwards but his movement isn’t as sharp.

The first clear round victory goes to Eubank 10-9. No heavy punches landed in that round, but some excellent work from Eubank out boxing Benn and winning the round comfortably. (NB 48-47 CE)


Round 6-

Round six marks the halfway point in this fight should it go the distance. Both fighters have put on a fine performance so far and although we have Eubank one up on the scorecards these two can hardly be split. Let us know who you thinks winning down below or on twitter.

Eubank really trying to draw Benn in now. He stands as still as a statue waiting for Benn to make his move and hitting him on the counter with his trademark left hook.

Low Blow. Eubank goes down from a low blow by Benn, referee gives him time to recover and we’re back on.

This fight still remains impossible to read. Benn with a left uppercut to the body, Eubank with a right counterpunch to the temple. They continue to go at it. Trade after trade. Second after second.

Another round for Eubank just, 10-9. (NB 57-57 CE)


Round 7-

Now that’s much better from Benn at the start of the seventh. He’s gunning for Eubank with sharper jabs and footwork.

Benn’s going to the body of Eubank here. He leather Eubanks ribcage with lefts and rights forcing Eubank into the clinch and leaning on him.

Now it’s Eubanks turn. He hits two excellent shots, a right hand to the temple and a left to the cheek. He pushes Benn against the ropes for the second time tonight and pounces on his prey before backing up, drawing a smile from Benn.

Yet another split round from these two fighters. Benn started better but Eubanks finish was impressive. This round has to be 10-10. (NB 66-67 CE)


Round 8-

Round eight begins with our first KNOCKDOWN of the fight. It goes to Nigel Benn.

Benn chases Eubank around the ring swinging wildly, but catches him with a wonderful straight right hand to the temple sending him to the canvas. Eubank is straight back on his feet complaining it was a slip but there’s no question for me. That’s the first knockdown of the fight.

Eubank doesn’t seem at all quavered by his droppage, he’s back on his feet and returning fire with two quick left hands too the body.

“Nigellllll” rings out the crowd as they cheer on The Dark Destroyer. Benn tries to please them with two quick left right combos but Eubanks guard holds firm.

With the knockdown taken into account, this round is Benn’s 10-8. (NB 76-75 CE)


Round 9-

Benn’s swollen eye does not make for good viewing at the start of the ninth. It’s a miracle if he has any sort of vision left. Will it effect him going into the ninth?

Perhaps not as Benn continues to work the body of Eubank as he has done previously. This must be something he has worked on with trainer Jimmy Tibbs in camp.


A dramatic end in the final seconds of the ninth round sees Chris Eubank defeat Nigel Benn via technical knockout.

Eubank followed a left right combination with a short twisting left hook to send Benn for the third and final time sprawling against the ropes. Eubank sensing there was no danger of counterpunches from Benn went in for the kill berating Benn with punch after punch before referee Richard Steele called an end to proceedings with five seconds to go in the round.

Eubank stands together cenre ring, arms together in his signature pose celebrating his victory.


What an incredible fight that was. Perhaps the greatest fight on Britain shores. Two warriors putting everything on the line for the sake of entertainment. Eubank comes out victorious today but it was by no means a one sided contest. Our final scorecard was (76-75) in favour of Benn.

Thanks for joining us for this clash of titans. And with a fight as great as this could we see a rematch? Give us your thoughts on the fight down below or tweet us @overtime_online.

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