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Mumbai Indians take on Delhi Capitals in this year’s Indian Premier League final, held at the Dubai International stadium behind closed doors. The top two teams of the group stages will face each other once again after Mumbai defeated Dehli by 57 runs in the first semi-final. However, Delhi saw off Sunrisers Hyderabad by 17 runs, to reach the final and for a chance at redemption against Mumbai. Dehli will be looking to make history by winning their first-ever IPL title in their first-ever final; whereas the experienced Mumbai side have four titles to their name.

Rohit Sharma and Quinton De Kock will once again open the batting for Mumbai, who go with the same opening four batsmen again. Hardik Pandya and Kieron Pollard provide plenty of power-hitting down the order. Trent Boult and Jasprit Bumrah provide the firepower in the bowling department; the opening pair blew Dehli away in the semi-final, taking three wickets each. Jayant Yadav replaces Rahul Chahar from the previous game and captain Rohit will be hoping to get his hands on the trophy once again.

Dehli name an unchanged team from the victory over Hyderabad last time out, with Marcus Stoinis and Dehli top-scorer Shikhar Dhawan open the batting and strike bowlers Kagiso Rabada and Anrich Nortje will be looking to add to their 49 wickets they have picked up throughout the tournament.

Toss: Dehli win the toss and decide to bat; Mumbai have never won the IPL chasing so this could be a smart decision from Dehli, but they will have to post a high total, with Mumbai’s batting strength.

Over 0.1′ Wicket! What A Start For Mumbai!

Stoinis has to go first ball! Boult delivers an absolute beauty and the ball takes the outside edge of the Australian’s bat and De Kock takes an easy catch behind the stumps; that is not the start Dehli would have been hoping for when they decided to bat. Ajinkya Rahane is the next man in to bat.

Over 0.4′ Four runs!

Boult drifts slightly on to the pads of Dhawan and the opener delightfully flicks the ball through the leg side, for the first boundary of the match. Dehli finish a difficult first over 5/1.

Over 1.3‘ Four Runs!

Dhawan is very lucky to get away with that one! Bumrah suprises the batsman with a short ball and Dhawan fends the ball in the air, but he was relieved to see the it go just over De Kock and race away to the boundary.

Over 1.6‘ Brilliant Bumrah!

Bumrah is striking fear into Dhawan and Rahane; the former is nearly caught out with the last ball of the over, but his pad stops an inside-edge from flying into his stumps. Incredible bowling from Bumrah.

Over 2.1′ Four Runs!

Dhawan decides to counter-attack! The Indian charges down the pitch and powers Boult over the off-side for four runs.

Over 2.4′ Wicket!

Boult strikes again! Rahane tries to work the ball down the leg-side, but he can only get a slight edge on the ball and De Kock again collects a simple catch. Dehli are in big trouble here, having lost two huge early wickets. Captain Shreyas Iyer is the next man to the crease.

Over 2.5′ Four Runs!

Boult almost has another! The New Zealand bowler delivers a short delivery and Iyer throws his hands at the ball; the batsman is lucky to see the ball fly over De Kock for his first boundary.

Over 3.3′ Wicket!

Over 3.6′ Dehli In Big Trouble!

Dehli end the over 25/3 and they are in big trouble early in this final.

Over 4.2′ Four Runs!

That is a much needed boundary from Iyer! The Dehli captain drives the ball on the up between the two offside fielders and the ball flies away for four.

Over 4.4′ Four Runs!

Brilliant batting from the captain! Iyer plays another beautiful shot through the offside, which pierces the field for another boundary. Dehli end the fifth over in a slightly better position, on 35/3.

Over 5.3′ Dropped Catch!

What an amazing effort from Ishan Kishan! Risabh Pant smashes the ball through the offside with venom; Kishan launches himself through the air and almost takes an incredible catch, but there is too much power on the ball for him to hold on. The fielder leaves the pitch, as he looks to have injured himself with that attempt.

Over 5.5′ Four Runs!

Nathan Coulter-Nile comes in to the attack and strays too leg-side with his delivery; Iyer does not miss out and tickles the ball fine for four runs. Dehli end the powerplay on 41/3, which is not a bad score considering the early wickets they lost.

Over 6.6′ Tidy Bowling From Jayant!

The spinner gives the two bastmen nothing to work with and Dehli are only able to take five runs from the first over after the powerplay, to take them to 46/3.

Over 7.6′ Slow Progress From Dehli!

Dehli are slowly building their innings; Pant and Iyer are just looking to knock one’s and two’s to avoid losing any further wickets. Krunal Pandya comes into the attack and Dehli take five runs from the eighth over to take them to 51/3.

Over 8.6′ Brilliant Running! Iyer and Pant run brilliantly between the wickets for two when it looked unlikely that they would get more than a single. These two are building their partnership slowly each over, as they look to give their side a chance at posting a defendable total. They have recovered to 59/3 from their nine overs, after a shaky start.

Over 9.2′ Six Runs!

Pant decides he has had enough of knocking the ball around and he charges down the wicket to Krunal Pandya, launching the ball into the stands for six! What a shot.

Over 9.5′ Six Runs!

That is brilliant again from Pant! The talented batsmen gets down on one knee and dispatches the ball far into the stands for a massive six; that is some hitting from Pant, who moves to 32 from just 20 balls and Dehli reach the halfway stage of the innings at 75/3.

Over 10.6′ Mumbai Fightback!

Rohit decides he has seen enough of Pant taking on the spin bowlers and he brings strike bowler Bumrah back in to the action. Delhi look to just see his over out and they take just six runs from the 11th over; they are 81/3 with nine overs left of their IPL final innings.

Over 11.2′ Four Runs!

Pant is flying! The left-hander cuts a wide delivery from Pollard through point and the ball flies just past Krunal Pandya, to the offside boundary; Pant moves on to a quick 38 from 24 balls.

Over 11.6′ Six Runs!

Shreyas Iyer joins in on the act! The captain picks out Pollards slower ball and launches it over cow corner and into the stands for his first six of the match. Dehli finish the 12th over 94/3 and have made a remarkable fightback from their nightmare start, thanks to this huge fourth-wicket partnership.

Over 12.6′ Tight Bowling!

Coulter-Nile provides Mumbai with a much needed boundary-free over and Dehli only take six singles from the 13th over, taking them to 99/3, with seven overs of the innings to go.

Over 13.6′ Four Runs!

Krunal Pandya looks to see out a good over, but Pant has other ideas! The number four batsman strikes the ball square off his pads, which flies quickly to the boundary. Dehli finish the 14th over on 108, with seven wickets left in the hut.

Over 14.3′ Four Runs! 50 For Pant!

What a shot and innings from Pant! He gets down on one knee and smashes the ball over the leg side for four. The Indian reaches his first ever IPL final 50 and he has battled brilliantly, after coming in at a difficult point in the innings.

Over 14.4′ Four Runs!
Back to back boundaries for Pant! Coulter-Nile bowls a short delivery and the left-hander gets a leading edge, which flies over De Kock for another four.

OVER 14.6‘ Wicket!

The brilliant Pant has to go! He looks for his third successive boundary in a row, trying to flick the ball towards the leg-side for six, but the wicket-keeper batsman doesn’t get enough on the shot and Hardik Pandya takes an easy catch at fine-leg. Dehli finish the 15th over on 118/4; there is a huge five overs left and Shimron Hetmyer is the next man in.

Over 15.6′ Four Runs!

That is a beautiful shot from Hetmyer! The left-hander advances down the pitch and plays a cracking cover-drive through the air and over the fielders for four.

Over 16.1′ Four Runs!

Rohit brings Bumrah back into the attack, but Iyer looks to impose himself straight away and strikes the first ball through the offside for four; that takes the captain to 500 runs for the tournament!

Over 16.4′ Half-Century For Iyer!

The captain produces when his team need him most! Iyer came in when Dehli were in all sorts of trouble and has steadied the ship with 50 from 40 balls.

Over 16.5‘ Four Runs!

The Captain is going after Mumbai’s strike bowler! Shreyas Iyer backs away to the leg-side and cuts the ball powerfully over point for another boundary. Dehli end a positive over on 117/4; what total can they reach with three overs left?

Over 17.2‘ Wicket!

Boult deceives Hetmyer with a brilliant slower-ball bouncer and the left-hander hits the ball straight to Coulter-Nile at backward-point and Boult has his third wicket of the match. Brilliant bowling from Boult! Axar Patel is the next man at the crease.

Over 17.4′ Four Runs!

Axar Patel cuts the ball through point with power, for his first boundary of his innings as the ball races away to the rope. Boult’s brilliant over leaves Dehli on 142/5 with just two overs left of the innings.

Over 18.4′ Mumbai Review!

Bumrah’s delivery strikes the pads of Shreyas Iyer and straight away Rohit sends it upstairs. However, Hawk-Eye shows the impact is Umpire’s call and the decision stays as not-out.

Over 18.6′ Brilliant Bumrah!

That is brilliant death bowling from Bumrah! The Indian international concedes just six runs from his final over, thanks to some brilliant yorkers as he finishes on 0/28. Delhi Capitals end the 19th over on 149/5 and they have six deliveries left to reach a defendable total.

Over 19.2′ Wicket!

That is excellent bowling from Coulter-Nile! The Australian bowled a slower-ball into the pitch and Axar couldn’t get enough on his pull shot and is caught easily in the deep. That is Coulter-Nile’s second wicket and Mumbai are dealing brilliantly with these final overs.

Over 19.5‘ Six Runs!

Brilliant shot by Iyer! He reads the slower-ball from Coulter-Nile and powers a flat-six into the leg-side.

Over 19.6′ Run-Out!

Iyer chips the ball down the ground and Dehli look to scamper a second from the final delivery of their innings, but Rabada can’t quite get back and Coulter-Nile runs him out. Dehli end their 20 overs on 156/7, thanks to two brilliant fifties from Pant and Shreyas Iyer. Delhi will be happy with that score after their first three disastrous overs, but Mumbai will be confident of chasing it down with their powerful batsmen. Boult was the star bowler for Mumbai, taking 3/30 in a brilliant performance. Can Mumbai score 157 runs to win their fifth IPL title?

Over 0.2′ Six Runs!

Rohit advances down the wicket to Ravi Ashwin and looks to hit the ball down the ground for six; the ball creeps just over the boundary and fielder. Mumbai start the first over of their run chase on 8/0.

Over 1.2′ Four Runs!

De Kock is wasting no time either in this run chase! The South-African smashes the ball over the top of the offside field for his first boundary.

Over 1.3′ Four Runs!

Rabada strays on to De Kock’s pads and the ball flies off his pad and past Pant behind the wicket for four leg-byes.

Over 1.5′ Six Runs!

What an unbelievable shot from De Kock! The left-hander launches a length ball well into the stands for a massive six!

Over 1.6′ Four runs!

De Kock strikes another boundary off Rabada! The batsman backs away to the leg-side and lifts the ball over the offside field for the fourth boundary of the over; that makes it 18 runs from the second over and Mumbai are 26/0.

Over 2.6′ Four Runs!

De Kock is flying! The South-Africa captain smashes spin bowler Ravi Ashwin through mid-wicket for another boundary. Mumbai end the third over on 33/0 and they are taking on this run-chase with ease so far.

Over 3.2′ Four Runs!

Strike-bowler Nortje comes into the attack, but Rohit Sharma gives him the exact same treatment! The Mumbai captain swivels and flicks the ball off his pads for four.

Over 3.6′ Six Runs!

That is just classic Rohit Sharma! The Indian is waiting for the short delivery from Nortje and launches a fabulous pull shot deep into the stands. Mumbai are flying on 45/0 from the first four overs.

Over 4.1′ Wicket!

Breakthrough for Delhi! Stoinis makes up for his first-ball duck with a wicket on his first delivery; De Kock tries to cut the ball through the offside, but he can only edge it straight to slip. Delhi really needed that wicket.

Over 4.2′ Four Runs!

That is some shot from Suryakumar Yadav from his first delivery! The number three batsmen crunches the ball through the covers for four.

Over 4.3′ Six Runs!

Suryakumar is not messing about! The Indian strikes 10 from his first two deliveries; he picks the ball up off his hip and lifts it into the empty stands. Cracking shot! Mumbai finish the fifth over on 58/1 and they are very much in control of this game.

Over 5.6′ Tight Over!

Axar comes into the attack and keeps his first over extremely tight! He gives Mumbai nothing to play with and they take just three runs from the last over of the powerplay. However, Mumbai will be delighted with their powerplay overs, that have left them on 61/1.

Over 6.6′ Tight Over Again!

Mumbai are just applying the brakes to their innings, as they recover from the wicket of opener De Kock; they take just three singles from Shivam Dubey’s neat first over and end the seventh on 64/1.

Over 7.6′ Delhi Dots

Axar bowls another brilliantly over, giving Mumbai no easy runs. The batting side can only muster up two singles from the over and they end the eighth 67/1 and the run rate has just temporarily halted slightly.

Over 8.3′ Six Runs!

Rohit Sharma has had enough of the pressure Delhi were building up and powers the ball down the ground for a much-needed maximum.

Over 8.5′ Six Runs!

Rohit is really showing his class! The ball is bowled right in the slot and the Mumbai captain dispatches it deep into the stands, with a fabulous shot. Mumbai end the ninth on 81/1, requiring 76 more runs from 66 balls to win the tournament.

Over 9.2′ Four Runs!

Rohit shows the other side of his game, with a delicate shot down the leg-side, which goes for four. Mumbai reach the halfway stage of their run-chase on 88/1; can they win this?

Over 10.5′ Run-Out!

Massive mix-up! Rohit calls a quick-single, which was not there at all and Suryakumar screams not to run, but Rohit is too far down the wicket and Suryakumar unselfishly gives up his wicket. What a terrible mistake from the captain, who is distraught; Kishan comes in at number four and Mumbai end the 11th over 91/2.

Over 11.5′ Four Runs! Fifty For Rohit!

Rabada bowls a short delivery at Rohit and the captain does not miss out! The Indian plays his classic pull-shot to the boundary for four, to bring up his 50 from 36 balls; a captains innings!

Over 11.6′ Four Runs!

That is stunning from Rohit! Rabada gives him width outside off-stump and the captain violently cuts the ball through point for another boundary. Mumbai end the 12th over 102/2.

Over 12.4′ Four Runs!

Rohit is showing his class in abundance here! The Mumbai captain cuts the ball brilliantly, piercing the field perfectly for yet another boundary. Mumbai finish the 13th over 112/2, requiring 45 off 42 to win the title.

Over 13.6′ Accurate Axar

Axar finishes his spell with figures of 0/16, which is remarkable in a final. Mumbai are only able to take four from the over, leaving them on 116/2, requiring just 41 runs to win from the final six overs.

Over 14.4′ Six Runs!
What a huge hit from Kishan! The youngster gets down on one knee and launches Stoinis’ delivery 88 metres and into the stands for a massive six. Mumbai end the 15th over 126/2, requiring 31 from the last 30 balls of this years tournament; surely Mumbai are going to lift their fifth IPL title!

Over 15.2′ Four Runs!

Crunch! Kishan rocks back and absolutely crunches the ball through cover for four. What a shot!

Over 15.3′ Four Runs!

Kishan is not messing around here! Dubey provides him with a bit of width and the left-hander powers the ball over the offside field for a second successive boundary. Mumbai end the 16th over on 137/2, requiring just 20 runs from the final four overs; will they even need the power of Pollard and Hardik Pandya?

Over 16.2′ Wicket!

Could there still be a chance here for Delhi? Rohit is deceived by a slower-ball bouncer and he can’t quite connect with his pull-shot. The fielder rushes in and takes a brilliant diving catch to dismiss the Mumbai captain for what is likely to be a match-winning 68 runs.

Over 16.4′ Four Runs!

Nortje provides Pollard with a gift on his first-ball! Pollard drives the half-volley over mid-off for four.

Over 16.5′ Four Runs!

Pollard strikes his second four from just his second delivery; Nortje strays on to his pads and the West-Indian clips him through mid-wicket for four. Mumbai end the 17th over on 147/3 and they require just 10 runs from the last three overs for victory.

Over 17.1′ Wicket!

Pollard has to go! It seems too little too late for Dehli, but Rabada has just given them an inch of hope; Pollard chopped on to his own stumps trying to hit the ball through the offside. Hardik Pandya is the next man in for Mumbai.

Over 17.3′ Four runs!

Kishan plays an extremely delicate shot to bring Mumbai close to victory! The young Indian runs the ball down to the third man boundary for four. Mumbai finish the 18th over on 154/4 and they require just three from 12 balls for victory.

Over 18.3′ Wicket!

Mumbai require just one run to win and Hardik Pandya thinks he has won the game for his side, but he can’t deal with a short-ball from Nortje and is caught at mid-wicket. His brother Krunal Pandya replaces him at the crease, hoping to strike the single required for victory.

Over 18.4′ Mumbai Indians Are Champions!

Krunal Pandya knocks the ball into the offside and sprints a quick single to take Mumbai to victory. They go to their fifth IPL title with ease, winning at a canter by five wickets. Captain Rohit Sharma’s 68 guided his side brilliantly to victory, with help from young batsman Kishan. What a performance throughout the tournament from Mumbai, who thoroughly deserve their second consecutive title. Dehli will be frustrated that they lost out to Mumbai in both the semi-final and final, but the early wickets they lost in both matches ultimately left them with too much to do. Mumbai structured their side perfectly to win the tournament; they had brilliant batsmen in their top four, followed by power-hitters such as Pollard and Hardik Pandya in the middle and then incredible bowlers, such as Bumrah and Boult.

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