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After a rather underwhelming second stint at Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku has returned to his former side Inter Milan after only leaving the Italian side for £97.5 million last year. Inter have agreed to pay the Belgian’s salary on top of a loan fee within the region of £7 million, which is merely a drop in the water for what they received from Chelsea a year earlier.

Romelu Lukaku on His Way Home

Return to Italy

Ever since ‘that interview’ came out, It was obvious that Lukaku’s days as Chelsea’s number one striker were numbered, yet after finishing Chelsea’s top goal scorer in all competitions with 15 goals, the frontman has been shipped back to Inter on loan for the 2022/23 season.

According to the Athletic, Lukaku had been in contact with players from the club as well as the manager himself, Simone Inzaghi, ever since the start of the year as he looked to get himself out of the London club. The Belgian will look to hit the ground running and build on from his final year at Inter where he bagged 30 goals and ten assists in only 44 games, even more so with the fact it’s a World Cup year and will want to guarantee his starting spot for Belgium.

A Chance to Feel Loved Again

West Bromwich Albion, Everton, Manchester United and Inter all provided Lukaku with the platform to be their main man in which he flourished, bar United during his second season. But instead at Chelsea, he entered a dressing room who had just been crowned Champions of Europe and were well oiled in a robust team set out by Thomas Tuchel.

So when the striker found himself sitting on the bench and having to come on and prove his worth with 15 minutes to go in a game this is something that he wasn’t accustomed to. It would prove tough for him and obviously grew to him coming out to do ‘that interview’ with Sky Italia where he vented his frustration with his time at Chelsea. After that, there was little chance he was going to be able to win back the Chelsea fans.

However, on his return to Inter, where he can once again be their focal point, he’ll hope to prove to the world what sort of a player he can be and was.

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