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The ratings of tonight’s Europa League game between Lille and Milan.


Mike Maignan: 6

He is not called upon a lot, given Milan have only one shot on target and end up scoring. It is not his fault, though, as he rather keeps his composure well throughout the game.

Jeremy Pied: 6

He ends up being booked, but it is a solid performance from the right-back, who kept the Milan wingers relatively quiet. A decent, though quiet, performance on the wing.

(79′) Tiago Djalo: N/A

Gets the final 10 minutes in replacement of the injured Pied. Does not have a major impact on the game.

Jose Fonte: 5.5

Does brilliantly in the first half to stop Jens Petter Hauge’s run through, but it’s his mistake on Ante Rebic that grants Milan a goal. It was a costly slip that ruined an otherwise confident performance.

Sven Botman: 6

He does his job well tonight, allowing Milan players to enter the box very rarely and is of great support to Fonte. Very few mistakes and a decent performance all round.

Reinildo: 5.5

He is very active, but it is easier to spot mistakes from him than to note positive aspects of his play. He is stuck in defensively, but is very imprecise going forward.

Benjamin Andre: 6.5

He is the quiet leader of Lille’s midfield. Much better than his companion Xeka, with a lot of runs forward and mixing play. He does both sides of the job diligently.

Xeka: 5.5

He starts ok, keeping in position and allowing few players to get past on his side. However, he switches off at distance, displaying a poor second-half show. He is, in fact, subbed off after an hour.

(63′) Boubakary Soumare: 6

He gets a yellow card quite early on, but adds a lot of physicality and movement in the final hour, allowing to keep the scores level.

Luiz Araujo: 6.5

He is by far Lille’s most active player, showing a lot of willingness. He is Donnarumma’s biggest threat of the night with several long shots and is also active in the build-up to the goal.

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(75′) Isaac Lihadji: 6

Has a relatively small impact having come on quite late, but is important in slowing down the tempo in the final minutes and maintaining Lille organised.

Jonathan Bamba: 6.5

Good start, but very quiet until the crucial goal. He ends up being very cynical and proving decisive for Lille’s draw. Otherwise, he wastes several opportunities going forward, but his goal saves the night.

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Jonathan David: 6

He struggles early on due to Lille’s more defensive approach, but still appears more active than Yusuf Yazici. His lay-off for Bamba’s goal gives him a fair rate of six, but if Lille were not dangerous going forward he has some responsibility.

Yusuf Yazici: 5

He definitely did not repeat last match’s show, in which he scored three goals. Appared lazy at time and was very imprecise. It wasn’t his night, as he never looked dangerous or managed to get the ball in threatening areas.

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(63′) Jonathan Ikone: 6

Similarly to Soumare, he comes on in the last hour to add runs and movement out of possession. He is quite imprecise, but not a bad performance.


Gianluigi Donnarumma: 6

He has to test his gloves a few times from several long shots, but it is a relatively easy night. He is faultless on the goal and gets heavily involved with his feet

Theo Hernandez: 6

When he runs forward he sets a spark in Milan’s team, as he appears dangerous at times. However, a few mistakes and a questionable defensive performance took his rating down.

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Simon Kjaer: 6

He is the leader of the defence tonight. Very good at spreading possession and keeping Milan’s defence quite solid until the goal.

Matteo Gabbia: 5.5

Not a bad performance across the 90 minutes, as he, similarly to Kjaer, looks active at playing the ball and sees a few threats coming by his side. However, he has responsibility on Lille’s goal that cost Milan the win tonight.

Diogo Dalot: 6

He enjoyed several productive spells on the right-hand side of the pitch, but also appeared very absent at times and does have some responsibility on the goal, too. It’s not a bad game but he doesn’t manage to make the difference.

Sandro Tonali: 6

His spectacular pass to set Ante Rebic and allowing Milan to get ahead is of another level. He showed great awareness and vision in that instance, but his overall performance was very poor. He lost multiple possessions, often with basic errors.

Ismael Bennacer: 6.5

He is that hard-working midfielder you should always have on your team. He does the job without appearing on the highlights, but is very determining to keep the play and stop attacks. Another consistent performance from the Algerian tonight.

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Jens Petter Hauge: 5

His previous games hinted he could produce more in his first-ever Milan start tonight. However, he was sporadically involved and resulted decisive in wasting a 3 vs 1 opportunity when running at the goalkeeper. He will have other chances, but tonight’s performance let him down.

(77′) Rade Krunic: N/A

Comes on quite late, but is really not involved going forward and does not participate much in Milan’s last attempts.

Hakan Calhanoglu: 6.5

He starts slowly, but attacking play always comes through his feet. He put in some good passes and added quality to the game. As he came off, it was very evident that Milan lacked creativity up front.

(61′) Brahim Diaz: 5.5

He was due to play a good amount of time in which he could make the difference, but he failed to do so. He had a few chances but lacked the final product to create something important for his side.

Samu Castillejo: 6.5

Very poor first half, but he proved decisive by scoring the opening goal and being in the correct position. It could have been easy to let himself down, but he found an important net and progressively grew up with time.

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Ante Rebic: 6

He played out of position and did well in some instances to dribble the ball and go forward. He ends up being very important and smart for Castillejo’s goal, but other than that he has very few attempts and touches.

(61′) Lorenzo Colombo: 5

Coming on for a striker is not always easy in the final half-hour, but he has only eight touches to his record on the night and never appears dangerous or involved by his teammates. In fact, attacking threat from Milan massively reduces when he comes on.

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