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Sub-edited by Scott Kelly

Good evening and welcome to a very windy TerraPura Ground for Isthmian South East action as Whitehawk and Burgess Hill go head to head.

Whitehawk sit in 16th with seven points and their visitors sit in 19th with four points. It’s early in the season; is it too soon to call this a relegation six pointer?

Whitehawk will feel they have the edge as they’ve won their last three meetings against the Hillians.

Player to watch: 

Javaun Splatt is the top scorer for Whitehawk FC with seven goals so far this season and he’ll hope to add to his tally this evening.

KICK OFF! Here we go then will the Hawks soar up the table or will the Hillians come out on top? 

10’ Devoid of action here so far, with both teams slogging it out in the middle. The two sets of fans making a lot of noise

16’ Muggeridge brought down, it’s a freekick in a dangerous area on the left for the Hawks which is parried away by Nathan Stroomberg.
Both sides cancelled each other out as it remained goalless at half time.

21’ SHOT! Javaun Splatt drills it just wide for Whitehawk.

22’ CHANCE! The game’s kicked into life here! Max Miller whips in a dangerous ball and Connor Tighe won’t believe he hasn’t scored as Stroomberg pulls out a low save to his right 

25’ WOODWORK STRUCK! Tighe takes a short corner for the Hillians and gets the return. With nothing on he bends one with his left foot that clatters off the bar. All Burgess Hill at the moment 

28’ OFFSIDE! Josh Spinks gets his foot to the freekick for Burgess Hill and puts it wide. The linesman’s flag is up though which he’ll be happy with as he should have done better.

33’ Tighe shouts “keep them in!” as Whitehawk take their throw-in. Don’t know if he means the Whitehawk players or the fans inside the Terra Pura? It’s been dire so far. 

34’ SAVE! Max Miller breaks down the byline and squares it to Taylor. It’s another sensational save from Stroomberg.

36’ SAVE! The ball falls to Splatt but the keeper comes out and smothers it. A game of football is in danger of breaking out here.

41’ SAVE! But this time for Taylor Seymour. Muggeridge takes a vicious right footed shot from about 20 yards, it’s arrowing to the top left corner but Seymour leaps and turns it round for a corner.

HALF TIME: After a slow start things have burst into life here. Burgess Hill will be amazed they’re not in front – they would be if not for Stroomberg. Let’s hope the second half carries on as the first has ended!

2nd Half

We’re off again for the second half. Burgess Hill will be astounded they’re not in the lead here. Can they make it right in this half?

50’ Stephen Okoh beats his man easily but his curled effort from the edge of the box skews off wide.

Great play…
Until the finish

58’ Much as we were with the first half, we’re begging for some action here. Burgess Hill are trying to play good football and Whitehawk are going long. Not much else is happening 

59’ Stroomberg makes a hash of his clearance and Lewis Finney tried to put it away first time for Burgess Hill but slices it harmlessley over the bar. Not an easy chance to be fair, he’ll probably just be glad to touch the ball.

64’ What a chance for Whitehawk! Charlie Lambert burst down the right and puts a great ball in but a stretching Muggeridge can’t quite reach it. Might we see a late winner here? 

67’ The Whitehawk ultras chant “sexism my lord, we say no, racism my lord we say no, ohhh lord we say no” A chant we can all agree on.

69’ It’s a booking for Okoh after a cynical foul to stop a Burgess Hill counter attack.

70’ The resulting freekick ends in a corner, the corner ends in a goal kick; that leads to a furious Burgess Hill manager 

Whitehawk FC’s Okoh recieves his yellow

74’ Whitehawk FC’s stadium has a strict ban on swearing. Someone should tell Burgess Hill’s manager “The football is sh*t it’s f*cking sh*t” he’s sounding exasperated as another cross is skewed out of play harmlessly.

75’ Decent strike for Tighe but Stroomberg saves comfortably.

Tighe will be scrathing his head at how he’s not got at least one goal here today

83’ great shot from Burgess Hill’s Reggie Ward. He comes in on his right foot then lets fly a dipping shot from 25 yards. Stroomberg tips it over the bar, that was definitely one for the cameras. 

85’ another chance squandered for The Hillians. Max Miller rolls his man and squares the ball to substitute Charlie Kelly. Kelly sends a pea roller at Stroomberg from about 14 yards, the keeper could have thrown a cap on it. 

86’ Nasty-ish, late tackle on Harry Docherty from Billie Clarke, that felt more out of frustration than anything. Thankfully the fans haven’t decided to follow suit, they remain in good spirits, chanting back and forth

The two sets of fans doing a good job of keeping things entertaining

87’ Top class defending! A great interception from Harry Pollard stops James Fraser getting an easy tap-in and a certain winner for Whitehawk. Pollard bellows out a Spartanesque cry in celebration.

88′ we’re into the embers of this game and it’s still 0-0. Either team would be sick to lose this now. It feels like there’s still going to be one more chance to snatch it 

Couldn’t have put it better myself, although you’d need a bit more power on the header to reach the English Channel in my opinion


There will be no more chances tonight. The wind whipped fans make their way towards the warmth of the bar or the exit having been treated to some, but not much, action.

Man of the Match

Not up for debate this one. The Hawks’ stopper was absolutely fantastic tonight, denying two certain goals for Burgess Hill!

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