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Zack Abdool-Rassool

Kick off in The Stadio de Gragao, Porto Kicking the game off in their traditional blue and white attire with Atletico in their yellow third kit option.

4′ GOALL! After a back and forth first few minutes Porto find a breakaway down the right through Otavio laying a well-timed through ball to Evanilson who spots Taremi making a darting run into the box who is then open for a simple finish to keep his impressive run of form up now having scored 5 goals in 5 games. Porto Lead 1-0 on home turf.

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8′ Signs of recklessness being shown early Saul Niguez for Atletico as he smothers Otavio in the middle of the pitch which is deemed a foul.

11′ Pepe the Porto Right back is down with an injury for the hosts he has found his feet and exited the pitch to regain fitness but looks likely to enter the pitch in the coming minute.

12′ BIG CHANCE! Porto are taking charge in this game just walking through the Atletico back line with a perfect backwards pass by Taremi to Galeno forcing a massive save from Jan Oblak. The score remains 1-0 Porto.

16′ A nice piece of passing play from Atletico around the box gives Diego Simeoni a glimmer of hope that his men can outplay this Porto side, but the play comes to an end after a sloppy pass over the top running out for a gaol kick.

21′ Atletico seem to be gaining confidence in this game with another good piece of passing play allowing a overlapping run for Renildo down the left-hand side to put a ball into a dangerous area which forces Galeno to make and awkward clearance out for a corner.

23′ GOAL! After A quiet last few minutes all it takes is a brilliant ball up the left from Sanusi to Galeno, Galeno makes a darting run towards the box and squares it into a dangerous area where Eustaquio meets and absolutely rattles the bottom left-hand corner to give Porto a 2-0 lead.

31′ CHANCE! A misspaced pass from pepe allowing Saul to intercept the ball unmarked on the edge of the box he puts a good ball into the box not meeting a Atletico head penalty claims on Sanusi who went through the back of correa have raised but nothing came of that as the ref let play go on where the ball drops for De Paul on the edge of the box but a weak shot isn’t going to beat Diogo Costa. Score remains 2-0 Porto

35′ A free kick awarded after a sloppy challenge from Marko Grujic on Joao Felix in the middle of the pitch.

35′ BIG CHANCE! The chances just keep on coming from Porto’s blistering counter attacks as on form Galeno receives the ball on the right playing a ball into Evanilson’s feet up the right who immediately backheels to Taremi who uses his strength to use his vision to pick out Otavio running into the right-hand side of the box who gets a shot off but forces a save by Jan Oblak. 2-0 Porto

38‘ YELLOW CARD! Marko Grujic after giving away a foul minutes before as Correa approaches Marko Grujic whilst he was running with ball Grujic flings his arm backwards hitting Correa in the face in the clear eye line of the referee.

43′ both teams are looking a bit reckless following the two yellow cards, trying to force play as Sanisu the Witsel have both given play away unprofessionally.

45′ There will be 2 minutes additional time with Porto currently sitting at top spot in the group and Atletico Madrid Unsuspectingly at rock bottom.

HALF TIME, 45 minutes in and both teams could look more consistent with their play but Porto’s rare glimmers of brilliance commonly coming up the left through Galeno and Taremi are shocking the Atletico defence. As it stands in the group if Leverkusen can force a draw or a win out of their Club Brugge fixture Atletico Madrid won’t make the Europa League.

SECOND HALF BEGINS and Atletico get us back under way.

46′ CHANCE! first chance of the second half goes in Atletico’s favour after Gimenez brings the ball out from centre back out to Correa who puts a ball towards the back post which meets Saul who gets slightly under the ball and doesn’t meet it how he intended. the score remains 2-0 Porto

48′ YELLOW CARD! Stefan Savic is lucky to not be sent off with that challenge on Sanisu getting none of the ball and just taking his legs.

50′ BIG CHANCE! another massive chance for Taremi as he finds himself 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper after a perfectly weighted ball up the right from Otavio but can’t finish this one past Jan Oblak.

51′ SUBSTITUTION for Porto, Sanusi still looks like he needs rest after that challenge from Savic as he gets carried off by his teammates, Wendell comes on in replacement as that injury for Sanisu does not look promising.

55′ Porto remain in full control of the game with possession clearly being the game Sergio Conceicao has told them to focus on at half time.

67′ GOAL DISSALOWED! Griezmann finds a break in the Porto defence and slots it nicely into the top left corner but a foul from De Paul on the edge of the box in the lead up has caused a disallowed goal, the VAR referee gives the call to the referee’s judgement as they see no problem with the goal, but the referee controversially still disallows the goal.

67′ DOUBLE YELLOW CARD! after the choice from the referee sparks tension between Cardoso and De Paul both picking up yellow cards

75′ BIG CHANCE! another chance falls for dangerman Galeno after another fabulous counterattack he tries to take it around Jan Oblak, but Oblak stays on his feet and doesn’t commit making a good save.

76′ CHANCE! Yannick Carrasco since coming on has posed a threat up the left-hand side for Atletico creating more attacking outlets this time breaking down the right-hand side forcing a save from Costa.

80′ SUBSTITUTION! Evanilson makes way for Antonio Martinez.

87′ CHANCE! Griezmann gets a clear shot on goal but takes it on his left rather than his right foot therefore he puts it off target.

90- There will be 5 minutes extra time.

90+4- GOAL! MARCANO own goal Atletico Madrid get one back with 1 minute to go as a corner comes in a slight touch of Marcano’s head takes it away from Diogo Costa.


Thank you for joining us in this action-packed game between Porto and Atletico. Porto come out of this game finishing the group as leaders and managing to knock Atletico Madrid Madrid out shattering the chances of them being placed into the Europa league as Leverkusen brought Club Brugge to a draw therefore Leverkusen are now in the Europa League, Porto and runners up Club Brugge go through with Atletico Knocked out.

Porto Player Ratings.

Costa -8, Sanusi -8, Marcano- 8 Cardoso -7, Pepe- 8, Otavio- 8, Grujic- 7, Eustaquio- 9, Galeno – 9, Taremi- 9, Evanilson- 7.

Atletico Madrid Player Ratings.

Oblak- 8, Savic-3, Gimenez-6, Renildo-5, Saul-5, Witsel-6, De Paul-4, Molina-5, Joao Felix-6, Griezmann-7, Correa-6

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