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The Hornets have parted ways with head coach James Borrego after last weeks defeat to Atlanta Hawks in the Play-In, after nearly 4 years in charge of the Hornets. It comes a week after the Hornets were knocked out of the play-in comfortably and pundits were confused when the firing happened today, with Adrian Wojnarowski confused as the Hornets were improving by at least 10 wins a season under Borrego.

So what went wrong for Borrego?

After his best season with the Hornets there is very little to look at any issues. While Charlotte was very flawed and had no real centre to make a push for the play-offs, but his style got them to where they were. While also developing the young talents within the four years and now their newest being LaMelo Ball, Charlotte could have been looking at a play-off run whilst also having the 13th and 15th first round picks for this years draft. This young team under Borrego could have been a major threat to the league.

But after the defeat to Atlanta Borrego was asked about his job security where he thought that he would be able to push on even further next year after improving throughout every season and believed he had the roaster to put this together.

Where do Charlotte go from here?

This will depend on what Charlotte want to do in the next few seasons and with some of the talent of Miles Bridges and Lamelo Ball an established head coach such as Frank Vogel could be a good move for both parties. After a tragic season for the Lakers a change for Vogel could be a good decision whilst also letting Charlotte pick up an experienced Coach.

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However, they could go for the more long term approach with someone such as Dave Joerger. He could be a potential coach with his previous head coaching role at Sacramento and his defensive style could help ground this Charlotte team with the likes of LaMelo Ball being a very offensive player. So a coach that could bring in some defensive qualities to balance the team out could be very useful for this side.

What next for Borrego?

Options will be there for Borrego as there will be teams in the off season looking for new head coaches but the front runner at the moment would be the San Antonio Spurs after Gregg Popovich could be looking at maybe retirement. While the reunion could bring the ex-Spurs assistant coach into the main frame and help push for the play offs after 3 years out of the picture for the Spurs.

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