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Goodevening, my name is Maisie Dolling and tonight I will be running a live blog of Paris Saint-Germain womens V Paris Football Club Womens in the French female division one for game week 21. PSG currently stand in second place on the leader board, where Paris FC are third, with a 8 point difference between them. Kick off is at 17.30pm BST at the Campus Paris Saint-Germain Stadium, for now let’s look at the line up.

The host, Paris Saint-Germain’s starting 11…

Paris Saint-Germain’s manager Jocelyn Prêcheur has made a few changes ahead of todays game, after their 3-2 loss against Olympique Lyon Féminin last Saturday 20th April, in order to preserve his key players for the UEFA Women Champions League semi-finals. Four players were given their first minutes at Paris Saint-Germain including: Oliwia Szperkowska 30 in goal, Fanny Rossi 41 up front, Landryna Lushimba Bilombi 37 in midfield and Eden Le Guilly 36 in defence.

And for the visitors, Paris FC’s starting 11…

Paris FC’s manager Sandrine Soubeyrand stuck to a similar starting eleven after their 0-1 loss against AS Saint-Étienne last Friday 19th April. Soubeyrand changed the formation of her line up to a 3-5-2, along with Kenza Roche-Dufour 31 making her debut in midfield for the Paris FC Senior team.

1’ We are underway at the Campus Paris Saint-Germain Stadium, as Paris Saint-Germain takes on Paris FC.

2’ PSG’s number 29, M. Traoré has an early oppotunity for an assist by taking the bal down the wing and into the box, but gets shut down by Paris FC defence and cleared by Corboz 8.

3’ Bussy 22 takes the ball down the wing, aiming to cross into the centre of the box to Ribadeira 20, but gets blocked by F. Rossi 41 resulting in the first corner of the game.

6’ Bussy takes the ball down the wing linking up with Bourdieu 9. Bussy crosses the ball into the box with Ribadeira taking a touch with a bit too much power leading to a goal kick for Szperkowska 30.

7’ Free kick given to Paris FC after a poorly timed tackle by Lushimba Bilombi 37.

12’ Bourdieu has a chance to take the upper hand but the power shot is blocked by Szperkowska. Corner given to Paris FC.

13’ Bourdieu is fouled by Lushimba Bilombi with a sloppy tackle, giving Paris FC a freekick, Soyer 27 steps up to take it, and the strong shot lands right into Szperkowska’s hands.

14’ Vangsgaard does a late tackle on Paris FC’s captain Soyer, giving them a free kick, taken short.

16’ Folquet 25 does a clean tackle on Corboz as she makes her way down the wing, resulting in a throw in for PSG.

17’ Bourdieu makes a move into the box for Corboz to pass the ball through but F. Rossi intercepts, clearing the ball.

19’ Vangsgaard looks to take on C. Nnadozie 16 with a through ball given by Folquet but is caught off side.

21’ Le Guilly 36 slips on the ball allowing Bourdieu to take advantage with Ribadeira there to assist, but Ebayilin 26 is there to clear the ball out of play. Dufour 11 takes the throw in, landing with Bourdieu, she takes a shot and the ball goes straight through Szperkowska’s arms and goes right off the post into Rossi’s possession, where the ball is quickly cleared away.

23’ Bourdieu makes a clean tackle on PSG captain Tounkara 23, but is quickly dispossessed by Rossi.

24’ Dufour speedily takes the ball down the wing passing to Roche-Dufour 31, where Lushimba Bilombi takes the ball off her.

26’ Paris FC putting the pressure onto the PSG defence.

29’ Free kick given to Paris FC after a poorly mistimed slide tackle on Ribadeira by Rossi at the half way line. Ould Hocine 2 takes the free kick short.

30’ GOAL!! Bussy gets the opening goal, slotting the ball into the back of the net, with the assist from Ribadeira. The result is now 1-0 to Paris FC.

32’ Traoré crosses the ball into the box to create a chance for an equaliser, but it gets cleared by Sissoko 23.

33’ Free kick given to PSG, after Folquet got fouled by Roche-Dufour. The free kick is taken short by Tounkara.

36’ A chance for Bussy to double Paris FC’s lead, but the ball gets cleared by Traoré.

37’ Lushimba Bilombi gets a free kick after a late tackle by Roche-Dufour, Tounkara takes the free kick short.

38’ Elimbi Gilbert 33 has a chance at an equaliser for Paris Saint-Germain but is put to a stop by the hands of C. Nnadozie.

40’ PSG has had control for 60% of the time in this first half.

43’ Martens 11 gives a through ball to Folquet, but the flag is up for an off-side.

44’ Rossi shuts down a counter attack from Bussy with a clean challenge.

45’ There will be one minute of extra time.

Half Time Paris FC currently lead 1-0 to Paris Saint-Germain.

Welcome back the second half is underway.

45’ There has been two changes for both PSG ands Paris FC, for PSG N. Traoré 35 is replacing Vangsgaard 20 and Abdourahim 34 is replacing Martens 11, and for Paris FC Matéo 10 is replacing Roche-Dufour 31 and Abdullina 21 is replacing Sissoko 23.

49’ Yellow card given to N. Troaré 35, after a poorly timed tackle on Ould Hocine.

54’ Substitution for Paris FC, N’Dongala 18 is coming on to replace Bussy 22 and Fleury 7 is coming on to replace Dufour 11.

55’ Korošec 4 for Paris FC gets a yellow card, Elimbi Gilbert 33 takes the free kick.

58’ Paris FC get close to doubling their lead from a shot off of Ribadeira, but saved by Szperkowska.

59’ PSG fight back with a close opportunity for an equaliser but ball gets cleared into a corner.

60’ Free kick given to Paris FC.

63’ Free kick given to PSG.

63’ Substitution for PSG Fazer 18 is coming on to replace Folquet 25.

64’ Free kick to Paris FC.

66’ Another opportunity for Paris FC to double their lead but gets blocked by Szperkowska then cleared away by Le Guilly.

66’ Abdourahim recives a yellow card.

68’ Bourdieu takes a shot on goal but goes high.

69’ Soyer, captain of Paris FC, receives a yellow card.

69’ Subsitution for Paris FC, Thiney 17 is coming on to replace Corboz 8.

71’ GOAL!! To PSG making it 1-1. Ebayilin scores the equaliser for PSG.

74’ Abdullina receives a yellow card.

77’ Paris FC’s corner, leading to Bourdieu having an opportunity to regain the upper hand but gets blocked by Szperkowska.

82’ PSG have had possession 58% of the time in this second half.

86’ Matéo takes shot but ends up being high.

87’ Substitution for PSG, Samoura 2 is coming on to replace Elimbi Gilbert 33 and Joseph 38 is coming on to replace M. Traoré 29.

89’ Red card given to Abdourahim, after receiving her second yellow in the game.

90’ There will be an addition of 4 minutes extra time.

90+1’ Ebayilin receives a yellow card.

90+4’ Full time here at the Campus Paris Saint-Germain Stadium, with a 1-1 result between Paris Saint-Germain and Paris Football Club Women’s.

Thank you for joining along with me for this Derby where Paris Football club women’s played Paris Saint- women’s, resulting in a 1-1 draw. Paris FC found themselves with more opportunities to push ahead having 9 shots on target. PSG held the ball closer to themselves keeping ahold of the possession, as well as a few of their younger players made their senior debut. Both clubs remain in the position they were on the french division 1 table.

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