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By Tom Cunningham

English refereeing in 2021, where to start? From Lee Mason’s double whistle embarrassment to deny Brighton and Lewis Dunk to a handball call to deny Fulham a point against Tottenham Hotspur, the refereeing standards have never been lower in what is meant to be the best league in the world.  

But tell me this, how can a league be considered the best when the refereeing standards are resemblant of a bottom tier division?
Considering the standards of refereeing, it does beg the question as to whether the Premier League is still the best division in the world. 

With each confusing call, helped by VAR, we fans are left with our head in our hands- wondering just why or how the bizarre decision has been made.
There is a solution to this, however. Mic the referees up, give them the opportunity for an explanation and the fans the chance to understand. Then, and only then, will the standards rise once more.

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