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Panthers football club look to seek promotion as they prepare for the upcoming season in the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) play despite a lack of support from Sport Brighton.

Led by UEFA standard coaches, the Panthers will look to finish in the top spot as it is the only way to obtain promotion.

Coaching staff Oliver McClean said about their chances of promotion ahead of the season: “We feel we can win promotion for both teams and go on a cup run with both teams.

“The club is the anthesis of siege mentality. The lack of support from Sport Brighton in the day-to-day workings means the club is extremely ground up and built with an exciting youth and newness to the whole project. There are big goals and aims that we are looking to fulfil over the next year and beyond.”

The Panthers have two men’s teams playing at Falmer. The Men’s 2 and Men’s 4 play in the BUCS South Eastern Tier 3 and Tier 4. Structurally, Sport Brighton is responsible for most of the outlining, from maintaining pitches to providing outlets for kits.

The coaching team, primarily Luke Toughey and George Carney, carry out proceedings on the pitch. Off the pitch, including social events, it’s very strongly student-led, primarily through the student committee.

The exceptionally diverse coaching team comprising a mixture of qualifications, experience and age provides an excellent balance to the team, making sure each player within the squad feels essential.

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