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According to The Times the TV audience on Formula 1 increased by 69% from 2018 to 2019 after the series Drive to Survive was published. 

The series has also impacted the interest in sport in England. During the pandemic, people spent their time watching a lot of series, and “Drive to survive” was one the series that was watched most on Netflix during the time the series got published.  

I asked two MA Sport journalists about what they thought about the series and if the series has impacted their interest in the sport.  

Maycee Rogers has always been a huge fan of football. During the pandemic, when all the football matches were past pond, she started watching “Drive to survive” on Netflix, and mediately become a fan of both the series and Formula 1. Since that day, she has watched every single race. She says that the series has impacted her interest in the sport.  

Will Murray comes from a football family and spends most of his time traveling around the country to follow his team.  

He does not share the same viewpoint on the series as Maycee. Will says that the clips he has seen from the series have not created an interest in the sport.  

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