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The Green Party governed Hanover and Elm Grove ward for five years but recently lost its seat in the local election.

The residents who speaks to the paper said that the Green Party councillors had put much effort into the well-being of the local communities in the past five years. However, many were unhappy with their leaders and openly expressed dissatisfaction.

Ty Galvin, recently elected as the councillor of Labour Party in Hanover and Elm Grove, said, “I am cautiously confident because local residents in my ward are anticipating a change in leadership” during the election campaign.

Residents expecting a change in high pollution, traffic control and roads around Hanover were shocked when no changes were made, and some older people thought that the Green Party was wasting their money.

An Elm Grove resident, Nick Fieldus, said: “The Green Party’s decisions might be wrong, but their intentions are great.

“Local politics is not about the big issues; it is about the small issues like opening public toilets and subsidising local nurseries”.

Another resident of Hanover said: “I am quite elderly and diagnosed with arthritis; they expect me to clear the weeds outside the pavement, which is impossible at this age.

“The Green Party do not communicate with the local community people.

“It is hard to get in and out of Hanover.

“The party is spending much money to improve the road, but they are only making it worse, even when the majority opposed it”.

Residents who spoke to the paper said that they hoped for a change from the present ruling party of the Hanover and Elm Grove ward.

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