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LEWES Bonfire Society collected a staggering 5,661 items of food and household goods during their Halloween collection, compared to 4,790 the previous year.

Lewes Halloween foodbank collection

Teams of collectors in spooky fancy dress, spent 14 hours in the pouring rain on October 31 (Halloween Day) outside Tesco, Aldi and Waitrose in Lewes, East Sussex; collecting food and household items for various local foodbanks.

Here we see spooky actors bantering with the “local living” about what to put in the collection basket. A bit of light-hearted fun.
Spooky actors bantering with the “local living”
Courtesy: Lee Nolan

Lewes Bonfire Society under the guidance of Mark Perryman (Labour Lewes) rallied the troops and a total of 228 collectors responded from seven sports clubs, six bonfire societies, six faith groups, three bands, two PTA’s and a group of chefs. Who were all supported by a superb admin team.

All of the food and household items generously donated by the people of Lewes will go to various foodbanks, to help local families both working and non-working through these difficult times.

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