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From a retiree to a local councillor

Ty Galvin, 80, a descendant of Irish revolutionist Tadhg Barry, started his journey from Cork to Hanover. At 19, he moved out of Ireland, finished his electrician apprenticeship in England, and travelled far and wide in Britain for the electrification of the railways and met the love of his life and now wife, Marie. Ty has a vision for his adoptive city, Brighton & Hove as a resident, and he made his most significant contribution to Brighton by renovating the Palace Pier. Now it’s a popular spot among tourists. After his retirement, Ty chaired the Brighton Irish Society and campaigned for pollution-free air.

As a keen environmentalist, he is concerned about ecological problems and is committed to the well-being of the local communities. Ty has been an active member of the Labour Party for over 50 years; he decided to run for the local council election in Hanover and Elm Grove. As a social activist, Ty’s vision for a brighter and prosperous future for his beloved city is rooted in his commitment to sustainability and social justice.

Ty believes it is essential to provide equal opportunities and accessibility to any individual in the city, especially older people, less abled and youngsters. He wanted to bring his ability to the chamber for the city’s advancement.

An Elm Grove resident, Nick, said, “Ty has a real heart for our community, and if he gets in, he will do what he can for the community’s well-being”. He realised the obstacles in meeting people’s fundamental needs and intended to bring a change in healthcare, education, and social equality.

Ty successfully won the council election, and elderly residents said that he could bring changes to our ward.

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