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England take on South Africa in the first match of their white-ball tour of South Africa at the spectacular Newlands Cricket Ground. Many players on both sides have flown straight to South Africa from competing in the Indian Premier League, including Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler, Kagiso Rabada and Quinton De Kock. This is Englands first match since they lost the one day series to Australia in September; whereas South Africa haven’t played since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Toss

Captain Eoin Morgan has won the toss and decided to bowl first at Newlands; England will be looking to use the firepower in their batting line-up to chase down the score South Africa post.

Team News

Buttler opens the batting alongside Jason Roy for England, with Dawid Malan deservedly keeping his place at number three after some brilliant performances against Australia in September. Captain Morgan is due to come in at number five showing the strength in depth of England’s batting. Sam Curran, Tom Curran, Jofra Archer and Chris Jordan provide the options in England’s fast-bowling department and Adil Rashid provides the spin option.

Captain De Kock opens the batting for South Africa, alongside bastman Temba Bavuma, followed by the experienced Du Plessis at number three and the powerful Rassie Van Der Dussen in at number four. Top IPL wicket-taker Rabada and fast-bowler Lungi Ngidi provide the firepower in the bowling department for South Africa.

Over 0.3′ Four Runs!

Sam Curran manages to catch the outside edge of Bavuma, but the ball falls just short of Stokes at slip, who can’t stop the ball going past him to the boundary for the first four of the match.

Over 0.6′ Wicket!

What was Bavuma trying there? Sam Curran bowls the ball just outside off-stump and Bavuma tries to play a ramp shot to lift the ball over Buttler, but the batsman gets an inside edge, which falls straight into the hands of delighted wicket-keeper Buttler and England have their first wicket. South Africa end the first over 6/1.

Over 1.6′ Accurate Archer!

Archer bowls a brilliant, tight first over that limits to South Africa to just three runs from it; the home side will be looking to see out the fast-bowlers overs. South Africa end the second over 9/1.

Over 2.6′ Tight England Bowling!

Tom Curran follows up Archer’s over with some very accurate bowling; the home side are only able to take three runs from the over again and are only 12/3 from the first three overs and will be frustrated with their start.

Over 3.2′ Six Runs!

What a shot from De Kock! The captain smashes the ball beautifully over the leg side boundary for a huge six from Archer’s delivery; he had clearly had enough of the slow start his team had made.

Over 3.5′ Four Runs!

That is glorious from De Kock! Archer bowls the ball at the opener’s pads and he delightfully clips the ball through mid-wicket for four runs. South Africa end the fourth over 26/1.

Over 4.1′ Six Runs!

Du Plessis puts the ball into the construction site behind the ground! Tom Curran bowls a slower ball and Du Plessis reads it; the number three batsman waits for the ball and smashes it down the ground.

Over 4.2′ Four Runs!

That is a beautiful shot! Du Plessis drives the ball through the air down the ground for four.

Over 4.3′ Six, Four, Six!

Du Plessis is absolutely dismantling Tom Curran’s bowling! This time he produces a stunning pull-shot from a short-pitched delivery over the boundary for his second six of the over.

Over 4.6′ Four Runs!

Du Plessis again shows Tom Curran he is not messing around! The experienced bastman clips the ball through the leg side for four runs. South Africa are now flying in the powerplay; the home side are 50/1 from five overs.

Over 5.1′ Four Runs!

De Kock joins in on the act! The opening bastman cracks the ball powerfully down the ground off Sam Curran’s bowling for four runs.

Over 5.6′ End Of The Powerplay!

South Africa will be delighted with their powerplay overs; they finish their first six overs on 57/1 after taking seven from Sam Curran’s over. De Kock and Du Plessis have batted brilliantly since the early wicket of Bavuma.

Over 6.6′ Six Singles From The Over!

South Africa take just six singles from the first over after the powerplay thanks to some neat bowling from Rashid. The home side end the seventh over 63/1.

Over 7.3′ Four Runs!

That was effortless from Du Plessis! Jordan bowls a full delivery and the experienced batsman drives the ball down the ground for four runs. That was so elegant. South Africa take eight from the over, leaving them on 71/1 from their eight overs.

Over 8.4′ Review!

Rashid bowls a gorgeous delivery that completely fools De Kock; Morgan believes De Kock has got a tickle on the ball and asks the umpire to send the decision upstairs. Unsuprisingly, ultra-edge shows there was no bat involved. The home side end the ninth over 78/1 after a steady over sees them take seven runs from Rashid’s second.

Over 9.1′ Four Runs!

Du Plessis is racing towards a half-century! Jordan bowls the ball too far on leg stump and the number three batsman helps the ball on its way to the fine-leg boundary.

Over 9.3′ Wicket!

That is a massive wicket for England! Jordan bowls a good-length delivery to De Kock and the opener hits the ball straight to Morgan at cover; England really needed that! Van Der Dussen is the next man in for the home side and South Africa are on 86/2 halfway through their innings.

Over 10.6′ Brilliant from Rashid!

Rashid bowls a brilliant over to limit South Africa to just four from the over and the home side have only managed 17 runs from the spin bowler’s first three overs. De Kock’s side are 89/2 with nine overs left of the innings.

Over 11.3′ Half-Century for Du Plessis!

The number three batsman hits a cover-drive through the offside for three runs to take him to 52 from just 34 balls; what a performance from the experienced South African! The home side end the twelfth over 96/2, with a run rate of 8 per over.

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Over 12.4′ Six Runs!

Rashid slightly over-pitches the ball and Van Der Dussen gets down on one knee and launches the ball over mid-wicket for his first six of his innings. That was a brilliant shot! Rashid ends his four overs with 0/27 having bowled brilliantly, but he will be disappointed not to take his 50th T20 wicket for England and South Africa are 106/2 with seven overs left.

Over 13.4′ Wicket!

That is a huge wicket for England! Curran bowls a slower short-pitched delivery at Du Plessis and the experienced batsman hits the ball straight up in the air and Jordan takes an easy catch on the boundary. That was a brilliant innings from Du Plessis to put his team in a decent position; Heinrich Klaasen is in at number five. South Africa end the 14th over 113/3 and will need some big hitting to reach a defendable total.

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Over 14.4′ Four Runs!

Jordan bowls a slower ball just outside the off stump and Klaasen cuts the ball just pass point for four runs and a much-needed boundary. South Africa are 127/3 with five overs remaining.

Over 15.6′ Six Runs!

That is a sublime shot! Tom Curran bowls the ball right in the slot and Van Der Dussen launches the ball over the mid-on boundary for a huge maximum. South Africa end the 16th over 139/3 and will be looking to reach 180 here.

Over 16.2′ Four Runs!

Sam Curran bowls a wide yorker, but Klaasen manages to clip the ball past short third-man and to the boundary for four.

Over 16.6′ Wicket!

Sam Curran has his third wicket of the match! The left-armer bowls a bouncer and Klaasen can only get an edge on the ball, which flies through to the delighted Butler behind the stumps. South Africa are on 147/4, with just three overs of the innings left; Pite Van Biljon comes in at number 6.

Over 17.4′ Six Runs!

Van Der Dussen plays a brilliantly timed shot over the leg side boundary for six! The powerful batsman flicked Jordan’s delivery off his pads for a much-needed maximum. South Africa end the 18th over 158/4 and will be hoping for two big overs here to reach 180.

Over 18.4′ Wicket!

Archer got away with one there! He bowls a full toss and the destructive Van Der Dussen hits the ball straight to Malan on the boundary and has to go for a quickfire 37 from 28 balls; debutant George Linde is the next man in. South Africa take just five runs from the penultimate over and with one over left, sit on 163/5.

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Over 19.1′ Four Runs!

Tom Curran is having a shocker! He bowls a full-toss at new bastman Linde and the debutant crashes the ball to the offside boundary for four.

Over 19.4′ Six Runs!

Tom Curran is providing Linde with some early christmas presents! The fast bowler bowls another full toss and Linde doesn’t miss out, putting the ball into the stands for six.

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Over 19.6′ Wicket!

Tom Curran bowls a brilliant yorker with the last ball of the innings to send debutant Linde’s stumps flying! However, that was a good last over for South Africa and they end their innings 179/6, thanks to a 50 from Du Plessis and some good performances from De Kock and Van Der Dussen. South Africa will be fairly pleased with that total, which is slightly above par, but England are always confident they can chase down any score with the batting line-up that they have.

Over 0.2′ Wicket!

What a start for South Africa! The debutant Linde bowls a beautiful delivery and Roy tries to cut the ball but can only get a bottom-edge through to De Kock behind the stumps. Malan is the next man in and England end the over 1/1; that is an awful start for the Tourists.

Over 1.6′ Brilliant Rabada!

Rabada bowls a brilliant over to limit England to just two runs from the second over and England are struggling to get any rhythm here; they end the second over on just 3/1.

Over 2.3′ Four Runs!

Malan hits England’s first four of the match! Hendricks bowls the ball at Malan’s pads and the batsman clips the ball through mid-wicket for four.

Over 3.1′ Four Runs!

Malan plays a brilliant drive through the offside from Rabada’s length delivery for four and he seems to be slowly building England’s innings up.

Over 3.2′ Four Runs!

Back to back boundaries for Malan! The number three batsman places the ball perfectly between the two offside fielders and the ball races away to the boundary. The number one T20I batsman is starting to get going.

Over 3.5′ Four Runs!

Rabada is getting punished here! The fast-bowler strays too far down the leg-side and Buttler tickles the ball off his pads to the fine-leg boundary for the third four of the over. England finish the fourth over 26/1.

Over 4.1′ Wicket!

That is a massive wicket for South Africa! The destructive Buttler has to go, without really troubling the scoring. He chipped a full delivery from Ngidi straight up in the air and the fielder took an easy catch. Buttler will be very disappointed with that shot.

Over 4.4′ Four Runs!

The new man Bairstow beautifully ran the ball down to the third-man boundary for a much-needed four runs. England finish a difficult fifth over 33/2 and will need these two to bat well to chase this score down

Over 5.3′ Wicket!

England are falling apart! Malan tries to sweep the ball but doesn’t quite judge the bounce and hits the ball straight to Rabada, who dives forward and takes the catch. Linde has his second wicket of the night and Stokes is the next man in at number five. England take just one run from the over and end the powerplay on just 34/3; they will not be happy with that score.

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Over 6.4′ Three Runs!

Bairstow gets down on one knee and scoops the ball over De Kock towards the fine-leg boundary, but Ngidi does well to stop the boundary and England run three. The tourists end the seventh over 40/3.

Over 7.3′ Four Runs!

Stokes charges down the pitch and manages to chip the ball over the offside field for his first boundary of his innings. England end the eighth over 48/3 and really need to step up the run rate if they are to win this game.

Over 8.1′ Six Runs!

Brilliant shot from Bairstow! The number four batsman has had enough of knocking the ball around and waits in his crease and crunches a flat six down the ground off Tabraiz Shamsi.

Over 8.2′ Six Runs!

Back to back sixes from Bairstow! The right-hander gets down on one knee and slog-sweeps the ball over the leg-side boundary for his second maximum in as many balls.

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Over 8.5′ Dropped Catch!

Bairstow goes for his third six of the match, with a powerful blow towards Du Plessis at long-on; Du Plessis lept brilliantly to get one hand on the ball, but he couldn’t quite hold on, but stopped the six. England finish the ninth over on 65/3, having taken 17 from that over.

Over 9.3′ Six Runs!

Ben Stokes joins in on the action! The left-hander gets down on one knee and slog-sweeps the ball over the leg-side boundary for six runs. That was a brilliant shot! George Linde finishes his four overs 2/20 on his debut and England are on 75/3 halfway through their innings.

Over 10.3′ Six Runs!

Bairstow reads Ngidi’s short-pitched delivery and rocks back in his crease, before hitting a fabulous pull-shot over the leg-side boundary for six runs; brilliant batting from Bairstow. England finish the 11th over 85/3 and require 95 runs to win from the last nine overs.

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Over 11.4′ Four Runs!

That was a venomous shot from Bairstow! The right-hander is sat back waiting for the short-pitched delivery and powerfully pulls the ball to the leg-side boundary.

Over 11.5′ Four Runs!

Bairstow manages to steer the ball from wide outside off-stump to the third-man boundary for his second successive four and he is rapidly approaching his half-century. England end the 12th over 96/3; South Africa were 96/2 at this exact stage.

Over 12.2′ Six Runs!

Stokes gets down on one knee and smashes the ball miles back into the stands; what a sensational shot that was off Klaasen’s bowling.

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Over 12.6′ Six Runs!

Stokes hits his second six of the over with ease! Klaasen bowls the ball slightly short and on Stokes’ pads and the left-hander ships the ball over the leg-side boundary for six. England end the 13th over 110/3 and these two are really motoring.

Over 13.6′ Four Runs!

Bairstow finishes what would’ve been a brilliant Hendricks over with a four over mid-on. The number four batsman reaches his 50 off just 30 deliveries and has put England back on track.

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Over 14.1′ Wicket!

That is a huge wicket for South Africa! Shamsi bowls a long-hop and Stokes tries to dispatch it into the stands, but instead picks out the fielder and he has to go for 37; Morgan is the next man in at number six. England finish the 15th over 122/4 and they require 58 runs for victory from the last 30 balls; can they do it?

Over 15.6′ Four Runs!

Rabada almost had a perfect over but Bairstow made sure he didn’t! The number four batsman picked the ball up off his pads and lifted it over mid-wicket to the boundary for four. England are 129/4 from 16 overs and require 51 runs for victory from the final four overs.

Over 16.2′ Four Runs!

Bairstow backs away to the leg-side and manages to squeeze a low full-toss over the offside for another boundary; good start to the over for England.

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Over 16.4′ Six Runs!

Is this the turning point for England? Morgan gets his innings underway with a six to the cow corner boundary that just edged over the ropes.

Over 16.5′ Four Runs!

What a tremendous shot from Bairstow! The right-hander uses the pace of Hendricks and opens the face of his bat to a full-toss and the ball flies to the boundary for four and this has been an extremely expensive over for South Africa.

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Over 16.6′ Four Runs!

Bairstow tickles the ball off his pads and past short fine-leg for yet another boundary! What a nightmare over for Hendricks! England scored 28 runs from the over and are now in the driving seat in this match thanks to a brilliant over. Bairstow is proving his worth to this England side.

Over 17.3′ Wicket!

Morgan looks to get England closer to victory by launching the ball into the stands, but he doesn’t quite catch enough of Ngidi’s slower ball and the fielder takes an easy catch on the boundary. Is that South Africa’s way back in? England require 18 from the last two overs for victory in the first T20 international; can Bairstow guide them home?

Over 18.4′ Six Runs!

Sam Curran shows he is useful with both bat and ball! The all-rounder lofted Rabada’s length delivery back over his head for a flat six and puts England in the final stretch of this run chase. England finish the 19th over 173/5 with just seven required from the final over; this is going to the wire!

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Over 19.1′ Four Runs!

No nerves from Bairstow! The number four batsman crashes the ball through the leg-side for four, which takes him to 80 and leaves England with just 3 runs to get for victory.

Over 19.2′ Six Runs! England Win!!!

Bairstow stands and delivers! The right-hander smashes a full-length delivery into the stands over cow corner for a cracking six and takes England to victory by five wickets! What a performance that was by Bairstow, who came in when his team were in trouble during the powerplay and guided them to a terrific victory in this first T20 game against South Africa. Despite being dropped down to number four in the batting order, Bairstow showed his class and made sure he was there at the end to win the game; Stokes also provided a crucial 37 to help Bairstow along the way. South Africa played well throughout the game and Du Plessis drove them to a very good score of 179, but despite taking early wickets they couldn’t live with Bairstow’s batting. However, the host-side look like they have found a gem in debutant Linde, who took two wickets and bowled brilliantly. England once again show why they are one of the best white-ball sides in the world.

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