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England host Georgia at Twickenham Stadium in what is both teams opening games in the Autumns Nations Cup. The game is good for England to get a good start in the competition before difficult games against Wales and Ireland in the rest of the group stage. Both teams have only ever played each other twice in competitive history previously, with England winning comfortably in both previous attempts. Will Georgia cause a big upset today?


0: Georgia will kick the game off going from left to right as they send the ball deep into the England half.

3: Knock on by Giorgi Kveseladze as Jonathon Joseph tried to release the ball, the scrum will take place about 40 metres out.

5: England look to have gotten a try as a ball is sent long for Owen Farrell, but referee Nigel Owens said the ball was knocked on and play is brought back, England have unsuprisingly started strong here.

7: England pushing hard here and Jack Willis thinks that he has a try, but Nigel Owens dosen’t give it as there wasn’t a clear enough picture and a scrum is awarded.

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England and Georgian players compete in a scrum

12: England continue their fast start with a success of scrums just before the Georgian Try Line, but so far Georgia have held firm, just previously a cross-field kick for England attempted for Jonny May goes out to touch.

15: TRY! England finally get the breakthrough! Jack Willis collects the ball and finds a breakthrough in the Georgian defence line, he is brought down but just manages to get the ball successfully over the try line. Farrell then scores the conversion, England 7-0 Georgia

19: Since the try, Georgia have managed to keep the play mainly around the halfway line, Farrell wins a penalty off the number eight and kicks it out for an England lineout on the 22-metre line.

23: England move the ball nicely following a scrum, the ball gets to Elliot Daly who plays it across to May but it goes out for a lineout after he fails to collect. You feel that the more England show their quality by moving the ball through their hands, the harder it will be for the Georgians.

27: England move the ball successfully through a lineout as Ellis Genge makes a move through but is tackled and the loose ball is cleared by Gela Aprasidze.

30: TRY! England get their second try of the match, The try is scored by Jamie George, the ball comes in from a lineout and both teams are locked together before George can find a break and powers through to score a simple try. Farrell converts the conversion as well to make it England 14-0 Georgia.

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Owen Farrell Converts a Conversion for England.

34! TRY! George again! It is similar to the first as it comes from a lineout, this time the England players pull together to storm through the weaker Georgian defence before George can place it down just beyond the tryline. Farrell fails to convert the conversion and the score sits at, England 19-0 Georgia.

38: TRY! This is a classy try for England. Daly is the scorer. The ball is played through the hands beautifully by England and the ball reaches Daly after great work by Joseph and he has a free run to slide it in. Farrell converts the try to make it, England 26-0 Georgia

HALFTIME: England 26-0 Georgia.

40: Second half is underway as England kick into Georgia’s half.

45: England have expectedly started the second half the stronger side. They are using similar tactics that they did in the first and are managing to get some really nice passes together.

48: Georgia hold out strong in defence and manage to win a lineout as they prevent May from advancing towards the Try Line down the left-hand side.

51: Georgia look to break out with a kick forward but Daly is there and collects the ball and pushes England forward.

55: A break in play is completed as England win a vital defende scrum 5 metres out from there try line, Georgia were probably the most advanced they had been the whole game.

58: TRY! George again! He gets his third try of the game and it is pretty much identical to the last two. He collects the ball following a lineout and as England’s forwards push against the Georgia backline he manages to get over the try line. Farrell converts the conversion and it is, England 33-0 Georgia.

63: Georgia are starting to have a bit more of the ball and a high tackle from May gives them a penalty.

68: TRY! Dan Robson gets a try for England. He picks the ball up from an England Ruck before dummying his way past the Georgian defence after he set out a pass. It was a clever move that completely fooled the Georgian backline. Farrell scores the conversion to make it, England 40-0 Georgia.

73: Georgia win a scrum in their own half as they look to relieve some of England’s constant pressure here.

77: England win a penalty and Farrell hits it right into the corner of the field. Joe Launchberry then spills a pass from Tom Dunn before Tedo Adzhandadze hits a big clearance away following an England dropped ball.

80: FULLTIME: England 40-0 Georgia

All over at Twickenham as England win their first game of their Autumn Nations Cup campaign. Georgia stood up to England but they lacked any real creativity or prouesse to really trouble the England backline.

By Cameron Owens (@camowens2002)

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