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Match Preview

In todays match, both teams come from winning their previous match therefore their confidence are above the clouds.

Eastbourne are trying to get their way into the top three of the table and a win will allow them to do so, while Alford must beat Eastbourne in order to climb some positions as the club is currently stood in mid table.

Carlos Acosta will join you during the broadcast of the match.

Eastbourne v Alfold The Saffrons SCFL Match 24/10/20
Photo taken by Carlos Acosta Juckes

Startin Lineups

Eastbourne TownAlfold FC
1. Chris Winterton
2. Matt Astle
3. Sam Cole
4. Dan Bolwell
5. Dan Rogers
6. Dan Hull
7. Tom Vickers
8. Simon Johnson
9.Zac Attwood
10. Nathan Crabb
11. George Taggart

12. Matt Rodrigues-Barbosa
14. Sam Scott
15. Joshua Mailey
16. Tom McDonald
17. Ethan Strevett
1. Luis Correia
2. Conor Wilford
3. Jamie Chilsworth
4. Jamie Wanstall
5. Clyde Jacques
6. (20) Dan Mobsby
7. Kelvin Lucas
8. Jordan Mase
9. Ash Mutongerwa
10. Renato Carvalho
11. Sam Lemon

12. Kieron Joseph
14. Ayo Oke
15. Ryan Harris
16. (13) James Stallan
17. Tiago Andrade
Match Officials:
Matthew Goldsmith
Barry Towner
Alan Green

Alfold´s top goalscorer Sam Lemon will start the game. He has scored eight goals, will he extend it to a double figure?

Eastbourne´s scorer from last game Zac Attwood will try and score twice in a row.


The game begins at The Saffrons.

Alfold defense managees to stop Eastbourne counterattack .


Alfold´s first approach with a shot that goes wide.


Luis Correia just did a madness!!! First attempt for Nathan Crabb from the right side of the box and then Bright Attwood with a bad finish meaning both shots are saved by Alfold´s goalkeeper.


Second clear chance of the game! Matt Astle runs down the flank followed by a great cross where Crabb had only to tap the ball however sends it wide.

Eastbourne should be ahead on the game.


Great play from Alfold which ends with a shot from Muntongerwa which is about to go in but Dan Hull clears the ball on the goals line!


Good effort from Chilsworth who crosses a magnificent ball but the striker cannot connect with the ball by a few inches.


Seems like Alfold player Clyde Jacques has a muscular injury as he is leaving right now the field.

He is prepared to come back to the game and the referees allows him to enter the pitch.


Dangerous tackle from Muntongerwa who gets a warning from todays referee Goldsmith.


A cheaky through ball in between the defense would have meant a 1v1 for Crabb but Chilsworth´s awesome effort avoids any danger.


Jordan Mase has to get subbed. Looks like another muscle injury. Tiago Andrade will be the man who repalces Mase.


Sam Lemon has a shot but Winterton clears the ball.

Alfold are struggling to create spaces and Eastbourne keeps pressuring them.


One more chance for Eastbourne! It is now Attwood who had the chance to get ahead on the scoreboard but Correia denies and keeps the teams alive.


His performance today is outstanding!!! Once again Crabb vs Correia who shoots once again but the keeper says no, not today! Correia is driving crazy to the Eastbourne forwards.


Eastbourne´s defense have almost scored an own goal trying to clear the ball after a cross from Chilsworth.


Last play of the game for Alford. A corner with no danger at all.


Goldsmith whistles the end of the first half at The Saffrons.

The result remains the same as the start of the game. Eastbourne have dominated from start to end. Their way of playing has made the rival uncomfortable and that has allowed him to have control of the game.

Alfold instead, have not created more than a couple of chances. Crosses and through balls from the opponents has been difficult to defend.In order to have any chance to win they must change their tactics.


Second half has started and Alfold has made their second substitution.


Second sub of the game and for Alfold. Jacques gets subbed off probably due to the previous muscular injury he had in the first half and Kieron Joseph will be the one in charge to stop Eastbourne forwards.


Fantastic interception from Dan Hull who stops an important play from what would have been a perfect chance for Aldolf to score.


Goldsmith books Muntongerwaa with a yellow card after several protests from the player.

Alfold players do not agree with the referee´s decision making and are at the moment outrageous.

56´The game is getting more and more intense. No one is happy with Goldsmith decisions after the lasts incidents.


Wonderful Johnson who steals the ball with class and inmediately gives a through ball behind the defense but the keeper gets to the ball before Attwood.


The game is getting more scrappy. Tom Vickers has received fouls and kicks and now he is the one who is giving them.


It is now Alfold the team who has the control of the game.

They have changed their playing style, playing on the ground with no rush instead of long balls behind the defense. Eastbourne are right now clueless and being domained.

The scoreboard is closer from the 0-1 than the 1-0.


Terrific moves from Carvalho who dribbles through Eastbourne´s defense as if nothing and makes a killer pass but does not connect with anyone from his team.


Double change in Eastbourne Town. Tom Vickers and Nathan Crabb retire from the field.

And Sam Scott and Tom McDonald replace them.


Winterton blocks a timid shot from Lucas.


And it is another save from Correia! Taggart had a great shot from the penalty spot and shot to the near post and the keeper off-balances achieves to stretch and save the ball from going into the net.


Big header from Lemon who finishes Wilford´s cross but goes soflty to the keepers hands.


What an unlucky chance have they missed. A very powerful but effective cross from Cole was deflected by his teammate McDonald who did not expect that.


Great combination in the last minute of the game. Scott receives from the right wing who hands the ball to McDonald who cuts on the edge of the area and gives a pass to Attwood who finishes to the goalkeeper’s long post from the penalty spot and fianlly manage to beat the goalkeeper. Eastbourne is ahead with 3 minutes left to play.

Attwood scores again and it is his second match in a row scoring. Delightful.

90+2´ FREE KICK.

Last play of the game and it is a free kick for Alfold.

90+3´Eastbourne clears the ball.


Goldsmith blows his whistle and the match is finished. Eastbourne grabs three points when everyone expected an end with no goals.

Euphoria at The Saffrons who climb into the third position.

It has been a pleasure to guide you through the match.

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