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Attwood’s Late winner saves Eastbourne Town after finishing blushes!

3pm kick off in the SCFL premier, 

We see 4th placed Eastbourne take on 10th placed Alford, in which Eastbourne town FC have home advantage in the two sides first meeting of this season. The game will be played at The Saffron’s a place in which Eastbourne town have only lost once at so far this season, so the seaside based team will be hoping for more good form against a quite average Alford team, Alford have floating around the mid table region throughout the start of the season with a few wins and losses so will be hoping to build on their win away at Crawley Down Gatwick last time out .

Eastbourne town Fc really look up for this game warming up with real intensity definitely trying to keep their promotion chances at a high. the overcast conditions with brisk winds seem to make for a cold coastal afternoon tie here at ‘The Saffron’s’.

Line ups for todays game:

Eastbourne Town v Alfold, entrance to the ground, photo taken by Cameron Owens

(Eastbourne town FC abbreviated through blog as ET)


Eastbourne Town vs Alfold, Front board, 24/10/2020, The Saffrons, taken by Emillia Hawkins

1- Alford have kicked off here playing from right to left.

2- From the off Eastbourne have put a lot of pressure on this Alford defence especially from the left wing.

5- Only 5 minutes in and already this game has all the makings of a non-league game long balls over the back already taking over.

6- Alford’s Lucas takes a dig but drags it wide giving them their first shot of the game 

8- Eastbourne’s Attwood and Cragg combine well but the keeper makes 2 fantastic saves even though Attwood should have finished the chance from close range.

9- Eastbourne’s Astle plays a lovely ball into the middle but Cragg drags it past the Alford keepers’ right side another chance missed.

11- Alfords Lucas goes to ground too easily there trying to use Tom Daley as inspiration .

13- ET’s Astle puts a delicious ball into the Alford box but nothing comes of it.

13- Alford on the break here but ET’s Hull makes a great recovery tackle. 

14- Alford’s Leaton has a pop on goal but the ET defender clears it off the line. 

15- So far, it’s been ended to end here really exciting, however haven’t heard a word from these ultras.

17- The hall mark of quality a foul throw given away by Alford- both teams keep wasting their good chances here really lacking that finishing touch.

20- ET’s Hull has been looking solid here really bossing their back line.

21- Alford have another chance whipped in by Chilsworth but Leaton couldn’t get onto it.

23- Lengthy stoppage after a dodgy challenge on Alford’s Jacques who’s trying to run it off, however no cards given.

26- Alford’s Chilworth there with a great challenge haunting a piercing run from ET’s Taggart

27- A free kick given just outside the ET box, no social distancing here with the wall as close as possible, wasted chance by Alford’s Wilford there blasted over the bar.

29- Alford’s Mase is going to come off here for Andrade. Possible injury there as he trudges off.

30- ET’s Attwood with another dangerous run but again lacking end product been poor from both sides on the finishing side.

33- Really scruffy game here, challenges flying in. 

33- ET keeper makes a great save low to his right Alford’s Mutongerwa should have done better.

35- Once again ET’s Attwood misses another chance to put his side ahead.

38- ET’s Cragg has a one on one chance saved by the Alford keeper again this really has been a game of the keepers 

40- The ET’s Hull nearly turns it into his own net but his keepers saved his blushes there. 

42- Alford’s Mutongerwa taken down by ET’s Bulwell giving them a free kick outside the centre of the box, but Wilford smashes it into the wall.

45- Corner here for Alford on the edge of half time, ET finally got it away but struggled, yet again the two teams are struggling to capitalise on these big possessions of the ball.

And that’s half time really a poor half on the finishing side, both sides will be hoping that they bring out their shooting boots in the second half otherwise the keepers will be given the hero’s title in this tie.

46- Second half is off and running now, ET getting use under way now playing from right to left.

Eastbourne Town vs Alfold at The Saffrons on Saturday 24, October 2020 Photo taken by Oliver Jeffery

Sub during half time Joseph for Alford has come on for Jacques ,suspected injury here as he pulled up during the first half. 

50- It’s been a slow start to the second half, both teams have shared the possession so far, but no chances have really come to bite.

52- The ref is being stingy with his cards today clearly trying to keep the peace. really has had some questionable calls so far, hopefully his performance doesn’t impact this fast paced thriller.

53- Alford’s Andrade has been shown a yellow card the first of the afternoon.

55- Fouls being given all over place, the game really has taking a dirty side.

56- Alford have another free kick in a good area and again the chance is wasted. the quality really hasn’t be on show this afternoon, starting to feel like a broken record at this point.

58- One thing that’s come from the game so far is that the Alford keeper, Correia, has one hell of a ping on him, turning clearing his lines into a counter attack on a few occassions.

60- ET’s Attwood has his first chance of the half but only gains a corner after great defending from Alfords Joseph.

62- The Alford formation has shifted here and their captain Mobsby has shifted into the back 3. 

63- ET looking tired here maybe a question of a few players coming back from injury indicated by the large parts of tape on a few of their players knees.

ET and Alford are the 3rd and 5th highest scorers in the league so far this season so surprising it’s still 0-0, in a way it could be seen as a credit to both of their defences.

67- First bit of noise from the ET ultras and it’s taken over an hour. hopefully this will provide a boost for ET as they search for goal to break the deadlock.

68- Alfords number 11 skips past a few defenders and gets a shot off but was cleared off the line by ET number 3.

70- Substitution ET’s Vickers and Cragg have come off for Mcdonald and Scott. looks like a like for like swap should provide ET with a new burst on the attacking side.

73- The floodlights have come on, hopefully this changes the mood of the game as it found a sort of stale mate here. Oh no there off again just like Eastbourne’s performance in-front of goal.

78- The attacking prowess of both teams has been questionable here, really does question how much they are being paid considering they can’t finish.

80- The keeper for Alford has made another screamer of a save, ET number 11 must be wondering how he didn’t score. To quote Alford’s right back ‘go on Louis what a f**king save son’.

84- ET really have been on top the last 15 mins, Alford have just been clearing their lines as much as they can.

85- ET had a good chance there, however their forward Mcdonald manages to knee it out above the stand.

87-ET another opportunity goes begging seems they still can’t find that quality in the final third of the Alford half.

88-GOALLLLL!!!!! Attwood gets a gift passed to him from Mcdonald on the right and he slots in right past the keeper who’s had a great game just let down by his defence there.

90- Let’s see if Alford can get a goal and gain hold of a point, they really don’t deserve a loss here. 

90+2- In to added time here and Alford have a free kick on the left side of the box the keepers gone up, however they can’t do anything with the chance 

That’s full time and ET have stolen the win in a game that was even throughout, but they managed to steal a win and continue their great start to the season. Take nothing away from Alford they played well just couldn’t hold out for the draw. Overall this makes the clear point the game isn’t over till the final whistle anything can happen in football it’s a strange old game.

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