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Today is the second semi-final in the IPL playoffs between Dehli Capitals vs Sunrisers Hyderabad. The winner of this game will play the Mumbai Indians in the final on Tuesday. Dehli Capitals lost on Thursday against the Mumbai Indians in the first semi final by 57 runs. Sunrisers Hyderabad won their knockout eliminator against the Royal Challengers Bangalore with a Man of the Match performance by Kane Williamson.

The Sunrisers are a very experienced side with a star-studded arrangement of overseas players in Williamson, David Warner, Jason Holder and Rashid Khan. The Sunrisers will be hoping for Rashid to continue his good form, he has got the best economy rate in the competition at 5.30 and has taken 19 wickets. The Sunrisers will also be hoping for David Warner to get the runs required for his side to progress into the next round. The Sunrisers middle-order batsman Manish Pandey, Williamson and Holder could hopefully carry the Sunrisers innings if they lose early wickets.

Kane Williamson was MOTM in his sides last game.

The Dehli Capitals are going into the game after losing to the Mumbai Indians in the semi-final. Today they have another opportunity in getting into the final if they win. The Capitals star player Kagiso Rabada has been one of the best bowlers in the competition and will hope to carry the Capitals bowling with his South African Anrich Nortje teammate and Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin. The Capitals batting line-up hasn’t been in good form in recent games and will hope Shikhar Dhawan will find his form again.

Dhawan became the first player in IPL history to get back to back 100s

The Capitals after their defeat to the Mumbai Indians, decide that they will bat first and try and get a good total to put pressure on the Sunrisers.

The two sides in the semi final today.

Marcus Stoinis is opening the batting for the Capitals today with Dhawan and Sandeep Sharma opening the bowling for the Sunrisers.

1st over: The Capitals get three runs. Stoinis two off four balls. Dhawan one off two balls. 3-0

Holder is going to bowl the second over for the Sunrisers.

2nd over: Eight runs off the over with Dhawan getting the first boundary of the game. Stoinis three runs off five balls. Dhawan eight runs off seven balls. 11-0

3rd over: 10 runs off the over with Holder dropping Stoinis then the Australian was able to get back to back boundaries. Stoinis 12 runs off 10 balls. Dhawan nine runs off eight balls. 21-0

4th over: A massive 18 runs off the over with Stoinis looking very good getting three fours and the first six off the game. Stoinis 30 runs off 16 balls. Dhawan nine runs off eight balls. 39-0

5th over: The Sunrisers need to slow down the run rate with 11 runs off the over. Dhawan was able to his back to back boundaries off Sandeep. Stoinis 31 runs off 18 balls. Dhawan 19 runs off 12 balls. 50-0

6th over: The Capitals are in full control of this game so far as they get 15 runs off the final over of the power play. Dhawan got a six of the first ball and a four off a no-ball. Poor over from Shahbaz Nadeem’s first over off the game. Stoinis 33 runs off 21 balls. Dhawan 30 runs of 16 balls. 65-0

7th over: Rashid came on as he was meant to slow down the run rate but instead, he went for 11 runs in the over thanks to an over throw from the bowler himself which meant he went for six off the fourth ball in the over. Stoinis 36 runs off 24 balls. Dhawan 38 runs off 19 balls. 76-0

8th over: Not a terrible over for the Sunrisers considering how the other overs have gone. Thangarasu Natarajan conceded nine runs in the over with this partnership looking strong for the Capitals. Stoinis 38 runs off 26 balls. Dhawan 44 runs off 23 balls. 85-0

8.2 overs: WICKET. Beautiful googly from Rashid as he bowls Stoinis out after a good innings. Stoinis gone for 38 runs off 28 balls.

Shreyas Iyer now in for the Dehli Capitals.

9th Over: Good over from Rashid as he only went for four runs and got the important wicket to break the opening partnership. Shreyas three runs off three balls. Dhawan 45 runs off 25 balls.

10th Over: Nadeem has not bowled well today as he has got for another expensive over, going for 13 runs including a six for Dhawan to reach his half-century. Shreyas five runs off five balls. Dhawan 56 runs off 29 balls. 102-1.

11th over: Rashid is doing well considering the poor start the Sunrisers had in the game only going for five runs in the over. Shreyas eight runs off eight balls. Dhawan 58 runs off 32 balls. 107-1

12th over: Natarajan bowled well this over only going for five runs. Warner and his side will be happy to slow down the run rate. Shreyas 10 runs off 12 balls. Dhawan 60 runs off 34 balls. 112-1

13th over: Good over for the Capitals as Shreyas got his first boundary off Nadeem’s bowling and scored eight runs in the over. Shreyas 16 runs off 15 balls. Dhawan 62 runs off 37 balls. 120-1

14th over: WICKET off the last ball in the over as Holder gets his first wicket of the day getting Shreyas out after he hit the ball straight to mid-off. The Capitals captain never really got going. The Capitals were still able to score six runs in the over with the Sunrisers dropping another catch. Dhawan 63 runs off 38 balls. 126-2

15th over: The Capitals are looking to finish strong with 13 runs in the over with Shimron Hetmyer starting well getting a boundary off his first ball. Nadeem has gone for 48-0 off his fours overs. Hetmyer seven runs off four balls. Dhawan 68 runs off 41 balls. 139-2

16th over: Rashid finishes his final over, only going for six runs and his final figures are 1-26. The Capitals will be hoping to accelerate the run rate in the run rate in the final few overs. Hetmyer 10 runs of seven balls. Dhawan 71 off 44 balls. 145-2

17th over: Hetmyer was able to hit a brilliant six during the over and the Capitals was able to get 13 runs in the over. The Sunrisers need to try and slow down the rate if they are going to continue to on in this competition. Hetmyer 21 runs off 11 balls. Dhawan 72 off 46 balls. 158-2

18th over: Holder won’t wanna watch that over back as he was hit for three boundaries as Dhawan and Hetmyer look to get a massive total for the Capitals to defend. Hetmyer 34 runs off 15 balls. Dhawan 77 runs off 48 balls. 176-2

18.3 over: WICKET. Dhawan attempted a reverse sweep off Sandeep but missed and was given out LBW. Dhawan should have reviewed the decision as he was well outside the line. Dhawan out from 78 runs off 58 balls.

Rishabh Pant now in for the Capitals.

19th over: Good final over from Sandeep as he was able to get the wicket of Dhawan and only give away six runs, no boundary’s with a dropped catch the ball before the wicket of Dhawan. Hetmyer 38 runs off 18 balls. Pant one run off one ball.

End of the innings. The Capitals will be disappointed that they couldn’t get more runs in the final two overs but they finish on 189-3 with Dhawan, Stoinis and Hetmyer doing the damage for the Capitals.

Attention now turns to Rabada as he is going to be the Capitals main hope to defend a target of 190 runs.

Priyam Garg and Warner come out to open the batting for the Sunrisers.

Delhi are going to start with Ashwin who is going to open their bowling attack.

1st over: Not the start the Capitals would have hoped for as Ashwin went for 12 runs. Poor bowling from the Indian off-spinner as he bowled two wides and was hit for a six by Garg. Warner two runs off two balls. Garg eight runs off four balls.

1.1 over: WICKET. Rabada strikes with his first ball and gets the Sunrisers captain Warner out. The ball hit Warner pad then fell back onto the stumps. Warner out for two runs off three balls.

2nd over: Good over from Rabada showing he is worth the hype he has got sou far this tournament, getting the big wicket off Warner and gave away five runs which was needed after a poor first over from the bowling side this innings. Pandey five runs off 5 balls. Garg eight runs off four balls. 17-1

Nortje now into the bowling attack replacing Ashwin

3rd over: Pandey and Garg played well during the over with Garg getting his second six of the game and Pandey getting his first boundary of the innings. The Sunrisers were able to get 11 runs off the over and had a good start to the innings even though they lost the wicket of Warner. Pandey 10 runs off seven balls. Garg 14 runs off eight balls. 28-1

4th over: Sunrisers were able to rotate the strike during the over and score runs off every ball off Rabada which is big for the Sunrisers as the South Africanis the Capitals most dangerous bowler. Pandey 16 runs off 11 balls. Garg 16 runs off 10 balls. 36-1

Stoinis is hoping to bowl well today like the way he batted.

4.4 over: WICKET. Stoinis gets the big wicket of Garg as he missed a half volley and the ball cannoned off the stumps. Garg is out for 17 runs from 12 balls.

Man of the Match is the last game for the Sunrisers, Williamson is now in.

5th over: WICKET off the final ball of Stoinis’ first over, that’s two quick wickets already. This time it is Pandey who is out after edging a ball to mid-off. This is the impact the Stoinis was looking for. Williamson one run off one ball.

Holder now in hoping to save this innings.

6th over: Nortje is keeping up the good work for the Capitals with his bowling as he only went for five runs in the over. The Sunrisers will be looking to bounce back from losing two wickets in quick succession. Williamson two runs off three balls. Holder four runs off four balls. 49-3. 141 runs need off 84 balls.

7th over: Axar Patel with a brilliant over restricting the Sunrisers to only get three runs off the over which is putting more pressure on the batters as they will need to start scoring at a quicker rate. Williamson four runs off six balls. Holder five runs off seven balls. 52-3. 138 runs needed from 78 balls.

8th over: Praveen Dubey’s first over is exactly like Patel’s only going for three runs and increasing the pressure on his opposition. Williamson six runs off 10 balls. Holder six runs off nine balls. 55-3. 135 runs needed from 72 balls.

9th over: Better for the Sunrisers as they was able to score nine runs in the over so they will be hoping this will kick start their run chase. A good four off the first ball in the over. Williamson 12 runs off 13 balls. Holder 9 runs off 12 balls. 64-3. 124 runs needed from 66 balls.

10th over: Williamson is looking good now getting a six off the third ball in the over by hitting it over long on and him and Holder was able to get 11 runs off the over. Williamson 21 runs off 17 balls. Holder 11 runs off 14 balls. 75-3. 113 runs needed from 60 ball.

11th over: Rabada thought he was having a good over after getting three dot balls in his first three balls then he gave away a wide and then was hit for six by Williamson over midwicket. Williamson 28 runs off 23 balls. Holder 11 runs off 14 balls. 83-3. 107 runs need from 54 balls.

11.4 over: WICKET. Holder caught at midwicket off the bowling of Axar. Holder out for 11 runs off 15 balls.

Abdul Samad is now coming in for the Sunrisers.

12th over: Axar might have been able to get a wicket in the over he was hit for two boundaries against Williamson and went for 12 runs off the over but was still able to get the wicket of Holder. Williamson 40 runs off 28 balls. 95-4. 95 runs needed off 48 balls.

13th over: Williamson is dragging his side back into the game,hitting Stoinis for a six off the first ball in the over with the Sunrisers able to score nine runs in the over. Williamson 48 runs off 33 ball. Samad one runs off one ball. 104-4. 86 runs needed in 42 balls.

14th over: Williamson gets his half century during the over as he is helping his sides chance in getting into the IPL final. The Sunrisers was able to score nine runs off the over with a boundary from Williamson being the highlight in the over. Williamson 55 runs off 37 balls. Samad three runs off three balls. 113-4. 77 runs needed off 36 balls.

15th over: Big over from Samad as he hit three consecutive boundaries with one six and two four’s. The Sunrisers was able to get 16 runs in the over. Williamson 56 runs off 39 balls. Samad 18 runs off seven balls. 129-4. 61 runs needed off 30 balls.

16th over: Ashwin back into the bowling attack and he has gone for 10 runs in the over. This is a big partnership the Sunrisers. Williamson’s cut shot for four was the highlight for the batting side. Williamson 62 runs off 42 balls. Samad 22 runs off 10 balls. 139/4. 51 runs needed off 24 balls.

16.5 over: WICKET. This might be the game for the Capitals as Stoinis gets the big wicket of Williamson as he is caught by Rabada. Williamson is out for 67 off 45 balls.

17th over: The Sunrisers was able to score nine runs off the over but lost the wicket of Williamson which might mean they do not qualify for the IPL final. Samad 26 runs off 13 balls. 148-5. 42 runs needed off 18 balls

18th over: Rashid has kept his side in the game by hitting two boundaries with his side scoring 11 runs in the over. Rashid 10 runs off five balls. Samad 27 runs off 14 balls. 160-5. 30 runs needed off 12 balls.

18.3 over: WICKET. Samad is gone which surely wraps up the game meaning the Capitals are in the final. Rabada gets the wicket with a catch at long-on from a sub fielder. Samad is out for 33 runs off 16 balls.

18.4 over: WICKET. Rabada is now on a hat trick as he gets Rashid out with another of the Sunrisers players getting caught. Rashid out for 11 runs off seven balls.

19th over. The Capitals know they have almost guaranteed to have made the final. Rabada getting three important wickets in his final over for his side. 168-8. 22 runs needed off six balls.

The Delhi Capitals have made the final for IPL has they win the game by 17 runs. Stoinis is the star of the game today for his performance with bat and ball.

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