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By Benji Wyatt

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Chelsea recently played Liverpool away at Anfield in a six-pointer match. With the game still poised at 0-0 Werner was sent through over the top via a delightful ball from Jorginho where Werner took it past the onrushing Alisson and tapped the ball into the back of the net.

But as usual the goal was checked by VAR who ruled it out on the terms that Werner was offside, it looked like millimetres and from where the lines were drawn it looked to have been from the top of his arm just below the end of his sleeve.

Even the commentators did not understand this one, especially as a week later a Kai Havertz goal was ruled out against Everton where he seemed to control the ball from the same area in which Werner was flagged offside for.

I think from next season offside should be if there is clear daylight between an attacker and defender to be able to make the decision clearer cut.

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