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Jordan Pickford and Nick Pope are considered two of the best goalkeepers England has to offer however, out of the two Pickford, has obtained 50 caps for his country whereas Pope has only obtained 10. Both play in the Premier League with Pickford having 263 appearances to his name whereas, Pope has 192.

Since joining Newcastle in 2022 Nick Pope has been the first-choice keeper. He has aided the team to The Champions League, unlike Jordan Pickford who has had his fair share of relegation battles but managed to keep Everton in the Premier League. But how do these two compare? 

Taking statistics from the official Premier League website we can compare all of their seasons in the Premier League. Despite Pickford being the more experienced goalkeeper in the Premier League he, and Nick Pope have 65 clean sheets. 

Pope also has a 73.49% save success rate, while Pickford averages 67.80%. Pickford also needs to catch up against Pope regarding sweeper clearances with Pope clearing 149 and Pickford clearing 116. 

We can also compare the statics from the 2023/2024 season which is still currently ongoing. Pope has 14 appearances which is one fewer than Pickford who has 15 however Pope still has a greater number of clean sheets. Pickford currently stands at 35 clean sheets whereas Pope stands at 40 however, it is interesting to note that Pope has made more saves this season (40) than Pickford (35) this season.

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