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Brighton celebrates the countdown to Christmas with the opening of their annual Brighton Christmas Festival!

The Brighton Christmas Festival is back in Brighton to inject more festive joy to the people of Brighton and it is here to stay! The market will be open from the 26th of November till the end of the year and offers many food markets such as Burgers, Thai food and even a MR Whippy, which is surprising for this time in the year as temperatures range from 5-0 degrees here in Brighton.

The MR Whippy van makes a return to the Brighton Festival for all families to enjoy, no matter what the weather!

The market offers just about everything, from Christmas artisan decorations, to numerous food and drink stalls to keep you satisfied as you tour through the market and see what it has to offer.

This market was built in Old Steine and uses the newly developed Valley Gardens area that is close to St. Peters Church, the Festival will provide five weeks of nothing but festive fun for all the family.

Another great attraction and activity for the Brighton public is the ice rink, that makes a return on the Brighton Pavilion, with great colourful lights and two ice rinks for all to enjoy and really feel the festive air that is in Brighton. You can also celebrate a greener Christmas in Brighton this year with the Pavilion Ice Rink with it’s ice that is powered entirely by Green Energy.

The Royal Pavilion Ice Rink also makes a return this year in Brighton (in greener fashion too).
Brighton Christmas Festival opens | Brighton On The Inside
The new Après Ski Lodge makes an arrival in Brighton for the Christmas Festival.

A piece of the United States has been shared in Brighton this year, with the new bar that will host most of the entertainment in the Festival, but also provide alcoholic drinks such as German Beer, mulled wine, gin and even festive Cocktails that will provide a great evening of festive joy, entertainment and possibly even dancing. The bar represents the Brighton Ski Resort in Utah and it’s also completely free to enter!

Another stall that is very popular and returns every year is the Fudge-a-holic stall.

The Fudge-a-holic stall is one of many condiment stalls at the Festival. They offer homemade, gluten-free fudge in an array of flavours and remains one of the most popular stalls across the event annually. The owner of the stall, said “I am so glad to be opening the stall again and this Festival really brings people together in Brighton to celebrate Christmas and enjoy a much better Christmas than last year with a sense of relief that we can celebrate it with friends and family more than last year”. This Christmas definitely does feel like a sense of relief for many, as they feel they have more freedom and many have the expectation that it can’t be a worse Christmas than the previous year, with the Brighton Christmas Festival not only celebrating a great time in the year, but the importance of bringing people together and sharing the festive joy too. The store owner also believes “Brighton Christmas is very special because not only is it the greatest City in the UK, but it also is well known for it’s diversity and acceptance of everyone, which is very relevant around Christmas to raise all spirits and celebrate a wonderful time of the year”.

There is so much to do and see in Brighton this Christmas, so visiting the Brighton Christmas Festival will give you a glimpse of what Christmas is really about in Brighton and what makes it so special.

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