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Two years on and the annual Brighton Christmas Festival returns. The event brings the spirit back to the City after a struggle all across the country due to the outbreak of COVID-19, forcing the country into lockdown. Therefore, the majority of Christmas Markets and Festivals gave it a pass last year due to restrictions. Right now with a new threat of COVID looming, opening Christmas Festivals is risky but definitely worth it. From the best German Sausages in Brighton and an amazing 50 metre high Ferris Wheel, the Old Steine located market is one to treasure, as it brings the community back together.

The Festival opened this year on the 26th of November after a long awaited confirmation of its return and it is hosted in the Community Square next to St. Peter’s Church. It is hosting numerous activities all the way through to New Year’s Eve. The Festival embeds all of the Christmas spirit due to the design and food on sale. The place is lit up with colourful lights and filled with countless stores for both snacks and games. The main attraction of course due to its size and structure is the Ferris Wheel. Put in place in 2016 after the i360 Tower was moved to the seafront, the ride is one to behold due to its cheap costs and beautiful views. Coming in at £10.00 for an adult and £7.50 for a child the prices are low for the ride.

At midday just after opening an hour before, the community were ready to enter yet again. This time I spoke to a worker on the Ferris Wheel. The worker said: “I think it’s great, but generally speaking it’s a popular event”. Though not being a local- the worker, wanted to be anonymous, clearly feels like he is part of this occasion and has helped the event to thrive and be successful, due to the fact he says it is popular. I asked if the Festival was going to make this years Christmas a whole lot better, he said: “I think so, yes. I’m certainly expecting this year to be a better Christmas”. Having two years off from the market, due to obvious reasons, will definitely create a bigger pull as they missed out last year. He said: “Naturally we feel that customers will come because the Christmas Market is a natural attraction to the local community”. He also said: “From the community to the festive season, it’s all special. But my favourite part is seeing the warmth and smile that Christmas brings to others”.

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