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After a rather miserable last year due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Brighton Christmas Festival has made a return to Old Steine for all to enjoy!

The Brighton Christmas Festival, which was placed fifth in the top ten Christmas Markets across the country, opened on Friday the 26th of November. The Market is open throughout the whole of December, except Christmas day, where it eventually closes for the season on the 31st just before the new year. From Monday through to Saturday the market is open from 11am to 11pm, and closes on 6pm on Sundays and Christmas Eve.

Offering more than 80 stalls and attractions for visitors to choose from, the Market promises to bring festive vibes which have been truly missed. With the stalls selling a variety of food and drink, as well as Christmas trees and souvenirs; And the best part is- IT IS FREE TO ENTER!

Despite ice cream probably not seeming the most appealing to endure during this cold winter, but not to worry as Mr Whippy has you covered, offering delicious hot drinks to warm those frostbitten hands!

Worried the children might not be in the festive mood yet? Well a warm greeting from Santa will surely fix that! You can book in advance through the ‘Brighton Christmas Festival website or book on the day but there may not be any available time slots left so you’re better off being safer than sorry. Tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled and each booking has a capacity of four children to visit Father Christmas.

The owner of the ‘Fudge-a-holic’ stall said “The Brighton Christmas Market is great for Brighton. It brings happiness for everyone and brings people together. Especially after the whole pandemic and the struggle people had to go through throughout them tough times, it felt like the Market was really needed to make this year special and bring that feel good factor back to Brighton”.

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