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The cancellation of Brighton Pride due to the Coronavirus outbreak is set to cost the city millions in potential revenue.

This year was due to be the 30th anniversary of the world-famous festival. Brighton Pride draws in thousands of people from around the globe and gives Brighton a huge economic boost of around £20 million each year, according to festival organisers.

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Anthony Bloomfield is a local LGBT resident who has attended pride for the previous 15 years: “The impact on Brighton will be huge, it isn’t only a gay event, all generations attend, and it is very much a family occasion.

“The financial impact will be considerable as well, Pride brings millions of pounds in revenue and does lots for the image of the city, it creates jobs, opportunities and enhances tourism and supports charities.”

The cancellation is also a blow for the LGBT community in spreading their message, Anthony added: “For the gay community as a whole I would say it’s a shame because Brighton is an inclusive place and pride is an extension of that. 

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“It aims to do the opposites of what homophobes, racists, sexists and any kind of bigot has tried to do throughout time.”

The event organisers released a statement on their official Instagram page: “With the potential of travel restrictions and social distancing guidelines to remain in place for an unknown amount of time, we cannot in good faith risk the health and safety of our communities.”

Currently there are no plans for the event to be rescheduled.

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