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Carolina Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgwater has welcomed Washington Football Team’s Alex Smith back onto the field after a two-year battle with injury.

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The danger of life as an NFL quarterback was illustrated perfectly this week in consecutive tweets from Bridgewater who has experienced such dangers first-hand.

First, Bridgewater was congratulating Washington quarterback Alex Smith on his return to the field, an incredible achievement following two years out of the game after a serious leg-break in 2018, before complications and infection led to him almost losing his foot and his life.

Bridgewater will have some idea of the perseverance Smith required, having spent nearly two years recovering from a torn ACL and dislocated knee joint suffered in 2016.

The feel-good story did not last long, however, with a compound fracture and dislocation to Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott’s ankle on the very same day.

Knowing that Prescott is now at the start of the long and painful process, that he and Smith managed to make it to the end of, Bridgewater could only send his payers.

There is a bond between NFL quarterbacks, a role difficult to truly relate to for most, and it was taken to a new level here between three who have suffered devastating injuries on the field.

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