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The narrative is about riding bikes and how over these couple of years it has become popular. This habit not only encourages good health but also is a good outlet for de-stressing. Riding a bike allows you to move freely around the city and enjoy the surroundings.

Beside the above mentioned benefits, the government has also made it easier for bike owners by not implementing certain rules and restrictions like insurance or motor vehicle road tax plus, proper designated lanes throughout the city are created where people can ride bikes on or off road making it easier to maneuver through the city.

In addition, riding a bike takes away the stress of finding parking lots which is a big issue in the city, and it supports the environment with less carbon footprint. As there is a lot of space within the city to ride a bike it gives the rider more access to places where cars cannot go.

The UK , who is a one of the key members in the summit of Climate Change, should initiate programs, where riding bicycles are encouraged and work with companies and organizations to devise a plan to have bikes on subsidized rates for accessibility and to promote well-being and zero carbon footprint.

To be fit and sound you should be genuinely dynamic. Standard active work can assist with shielding you from genuine infections like heftiness, coronary illness, malignant growth, psychological sickness, diabetes and joint pain. Riding your bike consistently is probably the most ideal way to lessen your danger of medical issues related with an inactive way of life.

Cycling is a solid, low-sway practice that can be delighted in by individuals, everything being equal, from little youngsters to more seasoned grown-ups

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