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Hello, I’m Holly Price and I am going to be taking you through all the action that happened in the 1986 World Cup Semi-Final between Argentina and Belgium.

This match was played at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City on the 25th of June. It ended with a score line of 2-0 to Argentina with the iconic Diego Maradona scoring both goals.

Antonio. R. Marquez from Mexico was the referee of this match, and the attendance was said to be 114,420

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ARGENTINA – Nery Pumpido, José Luis Brown, Oscar Ruggeri, Jose Luis Cuciuffo, Julio Olarticoechea, Sergio Batista, Jorge Burruchaga, Hector Aldolfo Enrique, Ricardo Giusti, Diego Maradona, Jorge Valdano

MANAGER: Carlos Salvador Bilardo

BELGIUM – Jean-Marie Pfaff, Stefan Demol, Eric Gerets, Georges Grun, Michel Renquin, Nico Claesen, Enzo Scifo, Frankie Vercauteren, Patrick Vervoort, Jan Ceulemans, Danny Veyt

MANAGER: Guy Thijs


Min 1- The Belgium side gets us underway with the first kick of the game. Jan Ceulemans draws in a foul and wins a free kick for Belgium within the first ten seconds.

Min 3- The referee now awards Argentina a free-kick not too far out of the box after a late challenge on Hector Aldolfo Enrique. They don’t manage to convert this chance into a goal though as Belgium cleared the dangerous low ball into the box from Jorge Burruchaga.

Min 6- Eric Gerets makes a vital block in the box for Belgium as Argentina found themselves with two men against four.

Disallowed Goal

Min 9- Maradona’s powerful strike from far out doesn’t make it into the goal but Jorge Valdano’s follow-up does. The referee instantly disallows the goal though due to a handball.

Min 13- Valdano tries to make up for his disallowed goal by shooting from just outside the box but the ball ends up going straight over the top of the crossbar.

Min 16- Belgium seems to really be struggling to get the ball out of their own half and get possession of the ball. The times that they have had possession Argentina’s press has resulted in them claiming the ball back within a few seconds.

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Min 20- Just as Belgium starts to break forward and manages to get the ball into the Argentina box the flag is waved for offside and again possession is given back to Argentina.

Min 23- If Belgium wants any chance of getting a goal in this match they need to start timing their runs and finding space better as they once again fall foul of the offside rule when they’re in Argentina’s box.

Min 27- Patrick Vervoort attempts to do it alone for Belgium as he gets the ball a third of the way up the pitch and is then given the space to run and shoot from not too far out of the box.

Min 32- Another handball but this time against Belgium. It may not have resulted in a disallowed goal, but it was a clearer and more obvious handball this time and nobody in the Belgium team seems to try and argue the decision that much.

Min 39- Maradona wins Argentina a questionable free-kick on the edge of the box. Argentina has won quite a few free kicks in promising positions this match but has yet to make them count. This time around the ball gets deflected for a corner but Argentina fail to create a goal-scoring opportunity from the set piece

Min 43- Ceulemans tries to score a goal by getting his head to the ball when it is sent into the box, but the danger is snuffed out quickly by the opposition.

Half Time

After what looked like a first half that was going to be completely dominated by Argentina, Belgium really started to show their skill later into the half. Their defence has been strong all game, and their attacking seemed to improve throughout. This game could still go either way but hopefully this second half will bring some goals.

Second Half

Min 49- It seems that most of the crowd is starting to side with Belgium as roars erupt whenever they get in possession of the ball


Min 51- Goal for Argentina scored by Maradona.

the golden boy couldn’t be held at bay for too long.

He times his run to perfection and then tops it off with a spectacular finish.

Min 55- Belgium substitution Michel Renquin off for Philippe Desmet. So that is a defender for a midfielder.

Min 59- Belgium gets themselves a corner and with Argentina’s ever-growing confidence after that goal, the underdogs are going to need to get a leveller soon if they want to stay in this match. The corner is taken by the newest player on the pitch Desmet and it is taken quickly. It ends with a chance for Nico Claesen but he just doesn’t have enough time to think about the approaching ball and ends up sending it over the bar.

Min 61- Jean-Marie Pfaff makes a very important save to the left which denies Julio Olarticoechea


Min 62- Goal Maradona gets another!

The Belgium players give Maradona too much room to run into and then allow him to set himself up on his monstrous left foot and strike the ball straight into the left-hand corner of the goal.

Min 68- CHANCE Maradona almost makes it a hat-trick as he once again uses his pace to outrun the Belgium defenders. The shot ends up going just wide of the goal but it definitely would have scared all of the Belgium squad.

Min 74- It is now Maradona’s name that can be heard ringing around the stadium. The crowd seems to appreciate the show that the icon has put on for them today.

Min 80- CHANCE Valdano misses a golden opportunity to get his name onto the score sheet as Maradona crosses the ball into acres of space around the penalty spot, but Valdano struggles to keep his composure and misses the target.

Min 85- Substitution for Argentina Jorge Burruchaga off Ricardo Bochini on.

Min 90- Argentina get a corner and this looks like it could be the last action of the game.

Full Time

After an equal first half, Argentina and more specifically Maradona came out in the last 45 minutes with pure determination to get themselves into this World Cup final. A masterclass was put on show at the Azteca Stadium and Argentina went on to win the final against West Germany and be crowned the winners of the 1986 World Cup.

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