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Todays agenda. The EFL play-off Final. Crewe Alexandra V Crawley Town.

It’s a sunny afternoon here at Wembley Stadium for today’s League Two play-off final between Crawley and Crewe. My name is Alana Towers I’ll be providing a running live blog for this monumental game.

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Both teams went into these play-offs as underdogs, as they finished in seventh and sixth respectively. At the start of the season, both clubs were top picks for a relegation battle but this has been a revelation.

Line up’s confirmed, Only one change to the Crawley Town side which beat MK Dons 8-1 (Agg) in the semi-final, Kellan Gordon comes into the midfield for the injured Harry Forster who picked up a hamstring injury during the second leg semi at Stadium MK. Crewe remain unchanged from their penalty shoot-out win over Doncaster nine days ago.

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1′ KICK OFF! The first half begins.

5’ Foul by Chris Long (Crewe Alexandra), Kellan Gordon (Crawley Town) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

7’ Foul by Lewis Billington (Crewe Alexandra), Jeremy Kelly (Crawley Town) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

8’ Crewe go on their first forward press, but Shilow Tracey’s (Crewe Alexandra) fairly simple cross is seen to by the Crawley keeper Corey Addai (Crawley Town).

9’ Foul by Dion Conroy (Crawley Town), Elliott Nevitt (Crewe Alexandra) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

11’ Strong tackle from Aaron Rowe (Crewe Alexandra) on Liam Kelly (Crawley Town) who wins a free kick in the attacking half. The referee has words with the Alexandra player however no card is shown.

12’ Nothing of note in the way of goal so far but both teams have made a good start in their opening ten minutes.

15’ Kellan Gordon (Crawley Town) makes a brilliant cross of the ball into the middle but goes over the head of Danilo Orsi (Crawley Town), the first test of Crewe’s back line. The ball Klaidi Lolos (Crawley Town) assists Liam Kelly (Crawley Town) with a header, Kelly shoots from range but sends it way over the top of goal. The first real attack of the game from Crawley Town.

16’ Foul by Jay Williams (Crawley Town) on Joel Tabiner (Crewe Alexandra). The Railwaymen win a free kick in the attacking half.

17’ Outstanding performance from Crawley. Liam Kelly (Crawley Town) to Campbell (Crawley Town) plays on to Danilo Orsi (Crawley Town) who sends it back to Kelly. The only thing lacking was more power behind the strike. Comfortable save for Max Stryjek (Crewe Alexandra).

19’ The referee makes his first booking of the day. A yellow card for midfielder Aaron Rowe (Crewe Alexandra) for a challenge on Laurence Maguire (Crawley Town).

21’ Crawley have shown excellent possession in the past ten. They certainly haven’t shied away from long balls into the box but their attempts so far haven’t caused a stir yet.

22’ Foul by Jay Williams (Crawley Town), Joel Tabiner (Crewe Alexandra) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

25’ A drinks break for the players due to today’s warm temperatures.

28’ Game play resumes. Klaidi Lolos (Crawley Town) is given the ball from Liam Kelly (Crawley Town. Finding himself in a good position Lolos goes for goal from range but lacks the power to cause any problems for Crewe Alexandra.

30’ Foul by Will Wright (Crawley Town), Chris Long (Crewe Alexandra) wins a free kick on the left wing.

33’ Mickey Demetriou (Crewe Alexandra) throws in, plenty of grappling in the box. Crewe and Crawley players both go down. Checked by VAR, no fouls. Crewe are now showing a more threatening style of play.

34’ Will Wright (Crawley Town) wins a free kick in the defensive half, foul by Ed Turns (Crewe Alexandra).

37’ Elliott Nevitt (Crewe Alexandra) gets the better of Jay Williams (Crawley Town). Great strike and shot on target. SAVED. The first real save of the game for Corey Addai (Crawley Town).

39’ Conor Thomas (Crewe Alexandra) is caught offside, and possession goes back to Crawley Town.

41’ Liam Kelly (Crawley Town) on the charge again, passes the ball to Danilo Orsi (Crawley Town). SCORES.



ORSING AROUND! His signature horsey celebration for a beautiful goal, and his 25th of the season, from Danilo Orsi to put Crawley town ahead. Outstanding footwork to turn away from the Crewe defenders.

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42’ Another great ball into the box from Gordon. Kelly strikes but it deflects behind off Billington for a Crawley Town corner.

45’ Four minutes of additional time shown.

45+1’ Klaidi Lolos (Crawley Town) shoots from range, but the strike goes over and right of the net.

45+3’ Kellan Gordon (Crawley Town) wins a free kick on the right wing, foul by Rio Adebisi (Crewe Alexandra)

45+4’ Freekick taken for Crawley Town. The referee blows his whistle for a nudge by Laurence Maguire (Crawley Town) on Crewe’s Elliott Nevitt before Crawley could make anything of it.

HALF TIME. Crawley Town are 45 minutes from League One and at the break Wembley first-timers Crawley Town lead Crewe, who usually win at Wembley, one goal to nil. #EFLPlayOffs.

Second half commences.

46’ Dion Conroy (Crawley Town) wins a free kick in the defensive half, foul by Elliott Nevitt (Crewe Alexandra).

49’ Crewe have picked up where they left off and show great possession and intent with the ball during the first few minutes of the second half.

51’ Adam Campbell (Crawley Town) mistake, is pounced upon by Christopher Long (Crewe Alexandra). Corey Addai (Crawley Town) brings him down and the referee blows his whistle for a Crewe penalty. A yellow card is shown to Addai.

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VAR check for possible penalty. VAR recommends an on-field review. Referee, Ben Toner has come across to the screen.

VERDICT, NO PENALTY. The decision is overturned and the yellow card for Corey Addai (Crawley Town) is ruled out.

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55’ Foul by Will Wright (Crawley Town) on Chris Long (Crewe Alexandra) who wins a free kick in the defensive half.

56’ Rio Adebisi (Crewe Alexandra) sends the ball back to his keeper. Max Stryjek (Crewe Alexandra) puts himself in a bit of bother with Danilo Orsi (Crawley Town) right in front of him but manages to get away with it. Crewe keeper wins a freekick due to the Crawley striker’s soft push.

57’ Substitution for Crawley Town. Ronan Darcy replaces Adam Campbell.

58’ Corner for Crawley Town. Calls for handball from the Crewe Alexander players. Falls to Gordon who’s shot from the right side of the box is saved in the bottom left corner.

59’ Rio Adebisi (Crewe Alexandra) is shown a yellow card for a foul on Kellan Gordon (Crawley Town) and also concedes a corner.

63’ Foul by Kellan Gordon (Crawley Town) on Rio Adebisi (Crewe Alexandra) winning a free kick in the defensive half.

65’ Substitutions for Crewe Alexandra. Josh Austerfield replaces Conor Thomas and Courtney Baker-Richardson replaces Shilow Tracey

66’ Substitution for Crawley Town. Ade Adeyemo replaces Kellan Gordon.

67’ Yellow card is shown to Joel Tabiner (Crewe Alexandra) for a foul on Jeremy Kelly (Crawley Town). Kelly wins a free kick in the attacking half.

69’ Aaron Rowe (Crewe Alexandra) tries to get the ball into the box, but Laurence Maguire (Crawley Town) is in the way. The ball is stolen back by Danilo Orsi (Crawley Town), which falls to Ronan Darcey (Crawley) and is crucially blocked by Micky Demetriou (Crewe Alexandra) to loop behind goal for a corner kick.

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71’ Klaidi Lolos (Crawley Town) plays on to Ronan Darcey (Crawley Town) who is placed right in front of goal but he lacks the finish to get the ball into the net again.

74’ Substitutions for Crewe Alexandra. Lewis Leigh replaces Joel Tabiner and Charlie Kirk replaces Christopher Long.

75’ Laurence Maguire (Crawley Town) wins a free kick in the defensive half from a foul by Courtney Baker-Richardson (Crewe Alexandra).

77’ Liam Kelly (Crawley Town) hits a wonderful shot from range. A superb save from Max Stryjek (Crewe Alexandra) to deny Crawley a second goal.

80’ Ade Adeyemo (Crawley Town) wins a free kick in the attacking half for a foul by Mickey Demetriou (Crewe Alexandra).

82’ Substitution for Crewe Alexandra. Matús Holícek replaces Lewis Billington.

83’ Mikey Demetriou (Crewe Alexandra) makes a great run and heads the ball from close range to the right corner. Corey Addai (Crawley Town) is there to make a crucial save to deny Crewe the chance to draw level.

84’ Dion Conroy (Crawley Town) slips it through to Liam Kelly (Crawley Town). Initial attempt is blocked by Mickey Demetriou (Crewe Alexandra) but Kelly strikes again and puts it in the back of the net.



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Crawley’s leading man Liam Kelly seals a two-goal lead and sparks play-off joy into the crowd of Crawley’s 17,000 traveling supporters. A new memory to replace that of losing the championship playoff final here back in 2017 with Reading.

88’ Foul committed by Ronan Darcy (Crawley Town) gives Charlie Kirk (Crewe Alexandra) a free kick in the defensive half.

90’ The fourth official shows 10 additional minutes to the second half.

90+1’ Crewe look to threaten for a goal but there’s too much on the cross from Charlie Kirk (Crewe Alexandra)

90+3’ Late substitutions for Crawley Town. Nicholas Tsaroulla replaces Jeremy Kelly and Jack Roles replaces Klaidi Lolos.

90+6’ Another attempt missed for Crewe. Ed Turns (Crewe Alexandra) right-footed shot from outside the box is too high

90+8’ Foul by Danilo Orsi (Crawley Town) on Rio Adebisi (Crewe Alexandra) who wins a late free kick in the defensive half.

90+9’ Danilo Orsi (Crawley Town) plays it on to Will Wright (Crawley Town) who makes a great run to the right side of the box, Lewis Leigh (Crewe Alexandra) wins it back and denies Crawley a chance at goal.

90+10’ Smiles on the faces of fans, owners, and former players all on the edge of their seats, ready to celebrate that final whistle.

90+11’ The final touch of the game falls to Danilo Orsi (Crawley Town) who makes a brilliant strike at goal. Denied his big finish and second goal of the game, as Max Stryek (Crewe Alexandra) makes another top save.

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Attendance today: 33,341.

The final whistle is blown. CRAWLEY TOWN HAVE SECURED PROMOTION TO EFL LEAGUE ONE. After 9 years away the club are back into the third tier of English football.

The amazing football that they displayed today and throughout the season, shows such contrast to last year’s relegation and that this promotion is well deserved.

A third consecutive season in League Two for the unfortunate Crewe Alexander.

Thank you for your company today – until next time. Alana Towers.

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