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A 19 year old student from Brighton is nearing the end of her 26 miles in 26 days challenge in order to raise awareness for Purple Day. The challenge aims to get people active in March and is a flexible fundraiser that is taking social media by storm and spreading the right message for those who struggle with the disability on purple day.

A Scottish football team show their support for Purple Day.

Purple Day is a global grassroots event formed to combat common myths and fears surrounding the neurological disorder and enhances recognition of a disability that an estimated 600,000+ people in the UK battle with. One young adult who has decided to take on the challenge is Lauren Wood.

Lauren is a student from Brighton who has focal epilepsy and speaks on the struggles that come with the disability: “Whenever I tell people I’m under diagnosis they assume it’s for flashing lights and physical fits but people don’t understand there are multiple types of epilepsy”. Physical seizures are just one example of what Lauren battles with daily, however she has not let this stop her giving the challenge a go.

Post was captioned: “when life takes over you can’t help but not find time for things – i’ve tried so hard to make time for these walks whether it’s just down the road or all around brighton 🙂
i’m a little bit behind but i’m going to be carrying on this fundraiser until the end of the month! Yes that includes when i go to portugal 💜 super proud of myself today for being able to walk 4 miles around brighton in my way home from college!
Only 10 miles left to complete and i’m going to give it my best shot 🫶🏼

She accepts there are hurdles to this challenge but is more than happy to surpass them: “The barriers to this challenge were very apparent, from college days, to work, to falling ill, that’s why I’ve been doing bulk miles when I can!”. Lauren is an inspiration to many and is doing what she can to help a wonderful cause that affects people just like herself in day to day life. If you would like to support Lauren on her journey follow the link below.

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