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India’s new Farm Bill erupted international protest.

British Indians gathered at Consulate General of India to protest the new Farm Bill.

Thousands of Indian farmers have encircled India’s capital, New Delhi, protesting against the new Farm Bills that they say threatens their livelihoods. 

More than 50% of the Indian population is supported by agriculture. Farming Once contributing third of India’s GDP is now reduced to 15%. 

In September 2020 new laws were enacted by the Indian government as reform measures. Authorities say the law will boost production through private investment. But farmers usually sell their produce at government-regulated wholesale markets locally known as Mandi’s where they have assured a minimum procurement price. The farmers fear the Bill led the private buyers to dictate the market price.  

British Indians gathered in Birmingham at the Consulate General of India to protest the law. One of the protestors who is having roots in India said that ”we are here to support farmers in India because the laws passed without the will of the farmers which totally goes against their needs.” 

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said that Canada stands for a peaceful protest anywhere in the world.

However, Indian prime minister Modi hailed the new law which will ensure a transformation of agriculture and empower the farmers. 

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