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The Government have supported recommendations where fans have called for a new independent regulator for English football that would oversee financial regulations in football and new owners and directors’ tests introduced to the game.

There were ten strategic recommendations supported by the committee.

The review was in complete support of the introduction of an independent regulator in English football. Helen Grant, Maidstone MP, stated, “The regulator would need to be independent, funded within football and would not require government to run the game.”  

Clubs such as Bury and Wimbledon suffered unimaginable consequences due to poor fit and proper owners’ tests for football league clubs, which the Government used as examples of the importance of football clubs to the local community.

James Daly, Bury North MP, said “Every single person in Bury was let down and nobody cared and still nobody cares. I support the call for an independent regulatory body.” 

1,000 signatures were received on a petition for the introduction of the 50 plus one rule. This is where fans must own a majority of the club’s voting rights and football clubs are not allowed to play in the Bundesliga if commercial investors have more than a 49% stake. The review was divided on the implementation of the rule being brought in.

Some concerns about the rule being introduced were around investment into the game. Jonathan Gullis, Stoke-On-Trent North MP stated, “the 50 plus one model is not realistic for English football, it could seriously discourage investment. It does seem to stop ambitious owners coming forward.” 

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