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When the COVID-19 outbreak sparked on in March, Brandon Spalding ,19, from Southampton was on the verge of the biggest change of his life. 12 months later, he and his three other family members would in Montenegro on the waterfront in a quiet fishing bay.

Brandon dropped out from his university in Brighton and his family quit their jobs. The global pandemic was a kickstart for the family’s ambitions to escape from ordinary work-life to new laid-back lifestyle.

Spalding said:

“Before immigration we had loads of businesses we tried to get started. We tried to figure out how to make money passively, so we don’t have to work nine to five. In the end the business was moving to new country. It was a money saver.”

The Spalding’s looked for possibilities to change their life and emigrating to a new country was an idea being considered. In October last year, the whole family travelled to inspect a place in Montenegro. By the end of the month they sold their house in Southampton to execute their new mission.

The new house is built on the waterfront in a quiet fishing bay.

“We looked for place to move to, which could save us money for lower costs of living and in return give us a better lifestyle and an investment that will be worth more over time.”

Settling into the new environment has had its own struggles for the Spalding’s. The Language barrier has been the biggest difficulty. Most of the locals only speak Serbian.

What Brandon misses most from UK is the food. Chain-restaurants like Nando’s don’t exist out there and there’s little variety.

“People’s diet here is terrible. They just eat this processed meat and stuff. The food doesn’t have to pass the same health standards than in the UK. We had for example salmon the first day here and it was full of bones.”

“I feel like this place is like a developing country. They’re like 10 years behind in technology and food etcetera.”

Montenegro is only one of the steps on the family’s ambitious business plan. The Spalding’s have already planned to expand for different investments around the world.

“What we did, we bought ourselves some time to figure out how to make a passive income. We already have a plan to move again. We’ll be going to sell half of this house and buy a property from somewhere else, like Chile.

“Repeat the same process and eventually have money coming passively from rental income from other investments, crypto currencies, stock markets and such stuff. The plan is to build a nice wealth portfolio from a passive income.”

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