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Tonight, Anthony Joshua (23-1, 21KO’s) faces Kubrat Pulev (28-1, 14KO’s) in the heavyweight division in a fight that has been hotly anticipated for a while now.

These two have crossed paths in the past but never actually got into the ring. Following Joshua’s fight against Wladimir Klitschko the two were supposed to fight in 2017. Pulev suffered a shoulder injury however so the fight was unable to happen. Finally we get to watch this fight.

This fight is scheduled for 12, three minute rounds.

Yesterday’s weigh in was heated. A tough exchange of words between the two during the face off sets up perfectly for this fight. Joshua weighed in at 240.8lbs (17st2lbs) and Pulev weighed in at 239.7lbs (17st1lbs).

The fighters are arriving ahead of the fight

Before the fight took place we saw a fairly stacked card. Here are the rest of the fights and results:

Qais Ashfaq vs Ashley Lane – super-bantamweight – Ashfaq wins following fourth round stoppage

Florian Marku vs Jamie Stewart – welterweight – draw

Kieron Conway vs Macaulay McGowan – light-middleweight – Bakole wins on points

Hughie Fury vs Mariusz Wach – heavyweight – Fury wins on points

Lawrence Okolie vs Nikodem Jezewski – WBO international cruiserweight title fight – Okolie wins by second round TKO


First out is Pulev. He looks serious and determined. He is going to be a tough fight for Joshua having only lost once in his career (Klitschko, 2014).

Then Anthony Joshua enters the ring. It is clear to see who the fan favourite is in this one as the fans flood the arena with cheers and chants. Showman-esque, Joshua looks confident and ready to put on a show in this one.

The fight begins!

Round one: First round is a very cagey affair. Neither man committing to anything early on. Both fighters standing strong in the centre of the ring. It is definetly a case of seeing how each fighter is going to take this fight in the later stages.

Round two: Joshua probably the superior in this second round – though this fight is close. The jabs from Joshua keeping Pulev at distance and he is controlling. He threw a few combinations that looked strong but Pulev just comes back with a smile.

As the round ends there is a slight battle of words in the centre of the ring. Maybe mind games from Pulev who smiles at Joshua again. This is bound to be interesting as the fight continues.

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Round three: Some huge shots from Joshua who is by far in control in this round. Pulev hit the canvas! One huge right hand following a nice slip from Joshua turned the tide. From that point Joshua had control. Pulev seemed to laugh it off again but he was definetly hurt. Huge uppercuts and hooks shook Pulev for sure. Could this one end early?

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Before the forth round starts the referee gives both men a talk following shots after the bell. Joshua stares down Pulev looking more and more confident, even so early on.

Round four: A quieter round than the last one here. Having the crowd there is really emphasising the spirit of this fight. Pulev seems to be more cautious in this round but has faced less danger. Joshua appears still in control keeping Pulev right where he wants him.

Round five: More fantastic shots from Joshua. Pulev showing heart to stay strong and on his feet. As the round came to an end, Pulev began getting closer to Joshua and landing more and more strikes. The control is certainly in the favour of Joshua however who once again was landing some big jabs on Pulev. Once again the end of the round is met with a smile from Pulev. Is he getting more confident towards the end of this round?

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Round six: Joshua moving nicely and throwing some decent combinations. He is looking for the right hand over the top in counter to Pulev’s oncoming attacks. Pulev seeming more confident though and is pressing, trying to get in and land some heavy shots. Once again, Pulev laughs at the end of the round.

Round seven: Pulev really trying to close the distance here. Joshua is doing well to keep the fight where he needs it to be. Joshua mixing up his shots nicely landing some nice body shots and a few uppercuts and hooks as well. Joshua continues to dominate but Pulev might still be in this.

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Round eight: These two clearly don’t like each other. The referee called for time out early on in the round following a couple of shots in a clinch. Both fighters landing some good shots in this round with Pulev hitting Joshua with some right hands and Joshua continuing to land jabs to the head and body.

Round nine: UNBELIEVABLE! Joshua wins via knock out. Some huge shots from Pulev but no-way was he beating Joshua especially when he was on this kind of form. 3 huge uppercuts and Pulev hit the canvas. He got back up but it was already over. A huge right hand and Pulev was down and out.

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Joshua wins after performing very impressively. He leaves the ring and celebrates with Floyd Mayweather who was in the crowd tonight.

It didn’t take long for Tyson Fury to respond to the fight. He is a potential next opponent for Joshua and it is clear the fans want to see the fight as well.

Winner – Anthony Joshua by Knockout

A fantastic fight! Joshua dominated the entire fight really landing some huge shots. Uppercuts, hooks and jabs certainly the shots that took him to the victory. Pulev did well and stayed strong through the fight but Joshua looked strong and was too much for Pulev to handle.

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